Nominations are closed: 2020 CanWaCH Awards for Canadian Excellence in Global Health and Gender Equality

2019 CanWaCH Award winners
2019 CanWaCH Award winners.

CanWaCH is proud to present its third annual Awards for Canadian Excellence in Global Health and Gender Equality.

These prestigious honours will be bestowed upon individuals and organizations who have demonstrated significant contribution towards Canada’s advancement of global health and gender equality in the following seven categories: Leadership, Gender Equality, Measuring Impact, Rising Star, Savvy Communicator, Private Sector Excellence, and Partnership.

CanWaCH award recipients will be announced on April 28, 2020. The awards presentation will take place in November at an evening reception as part of the Global Health Impact Expo + Exchange

General Nominee Criteria and awards policies:

  • Nominees must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or have a valid Canadian work permit and be employed by a Canadian organization.

  • Nominees should have demonstrated exceptional contribution and value towards Canadian efforts to advance gender equality and global health for women and children. Nomination forms must clearly demonstrate how the nominee meets the award criteria.

  • Nominations are open to nominees from the public, private, academic or non-profit sector.

  • Nominees must be informed that they are being nominated for a CanWaCH Award before the nomination is submitted.

  • Nominees must confirm they are available to participate in the awards ceremony on April 28, 2020, if selected as an award recipient, either in person in Ottawa or via video conference.

  • If recipients attend the ceremony in person and do not reside in the National Capital Region, they will receive one night of complimentary hotel accommodation arranged by CanWaCH in Ottawa on the night of April 28, 2020.

  • Transportation, per diems and additional accommodation requirements for the nominee to attend the awards ceremony in Ottawa, beyond the complimentary one night of accommodation provided to awards recipients, must be covered by the nominating organization or the nominee.

  • A travel subsidy is available for award recipients traveling from outside of Ottawa. Recipients must be able to demonstrate financial need. Please email Caitlin Reid at [email protected] for more information.

  • Nominations will be accepted until March 6, 2020, at 5 pm. Award recipients will be notified by March 26, 2020.

Individual Category Criteria:


The CanWaCH Leadership Award recognizes a Canadian who has made outstanding achievements in women and children’s health.

  • Nominees should be individuals who have made major advances with a significant impact on health outcomes for women and children in the developing world. 

  • Nominees should have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities that have motivated, inspired or sparked action for the advancement of global health for women and children.

  • Nominee’s have demonstrated sustained and influential leadership skills that foster collaboration, and inspire organizations and individuals working to advance global health for women and children.

Gender Equality

  • Recognizing an individual who has advanced gender equality research, the improvement of policy and programming that responds to gender inequality, or the application of a gender transformative approach to partnerships, programs, projects or organizational culture within the global women and children’s health sector and/or is a trailblazer in deepening Canada’s global health sector’s understanding of a feminist approach to the community’s work in women and children’s health. 

  • This individual, whether working in policy, programming, communications, research, practice, academia, community outreach, leadership or more, has served to advance or raise awareness of how addressing gender inequality amplifies the impact of Canada’s work in global women and children’s health.  

  • This individual’s work has transcended the community of practice in Canada and has had tangible results or has positively impacted health outcomes for women and children globally. 

Measuring Impact

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated significant leadership and influence in measuring impact in global health and rights issues affecting women, children, and adolescents. 

This individual:

  • Has championed better knowledge or practice in monitoring, evaluation, and research using quantitative and/or qualitative data, with the ultimate aim of strengthening collective Canadian efforts in global health and gender equality.

  • Has undertaken any or all of the following: 

  • Strengthened the awareness or capacity of their community (in Canada and/or globally) in a substantial way in regards to measuring impact.

  • Led innovative or transformative approaches to collecting, analyzing, or leveraging data to achieve impactful change.

  • Substantially improved existing data-related research, implementation, technology, health systems, or other practices at a meaningful scale.

Rising Star

The purpose of the CanWaCH Rising Star Award is to identify youth trailblazers who are making a difference within the women and children’s health sector at the local, national or global level. This award is open to youth in any professional capacity because being a Rising Star does not depend on the length of your career but how you have applied your experiences to make a difference in Canada’s global health community. 

  • Nominees will demonstrate an exceptional contribution and value towards Canadian efforts to advance global health for women and children.

  • Nominees are trailblazers who have participated in campaigns, projects and global health work that transcends their own community, pushes boundaries and have positively impacted women and children’s health, locally, nationally or globally.

  • Nominees are role models whose work inspires other youth, students and young professionals to become agents of change in the global health community. This inspiration should be demonstrable.

Savvy Communicator

  • A communications, public engagement or marketing professional who has delivered, led or carried-out persuasive and innovative communications strategies, approaches, marketing tools, communications or public opinion research or more to successfully communicate the impact of Canada’s leadership and excellence in global health and gender equality.

  • Also eligible are journalists, digital and public broadcasters, community champions or influencers who have written, produced or spoken persuasively about the impact of Canada’s leadership in global health and gender equality.

  • A nominee’s excellence as a communicator can have been demonstrated through a specific activity or series of activities, including events, a marketing campaign, social media strategy/activities, written articles or blogs, other digital products, video or film.

  • This savvy individual has demonstrated consistent and sustained communications expertise that has inspired or has set an example for others in their field.

  • We encourage nominations that are supported by evidence of proven, measurable results and impact.

Private Sector Excellence

  •  A private sector organization that has contributed in a significant way to the advancement of gender equality and the global health of women and children. 

  • A nominee’s contributions to global health and gender equality must clearly demonstrate the positive power of contributions that can be made towards advancing global health and gender equality through a private sector organization, including but not limited to, enhancing public awareness and attitudes towards the importance of advancing global health and gender equality.

  • This organization has demonstrated a sustained and consistent commitment to advancing global health and gender equality throughout their organizational history, and/or the organization has undertaken a particularly innovative initiative or project (with or without a non-governmental organization, government or civil society organization) that clearly demonstrates the value of private sector firms engaging in advancing the health and rights of women and children. Consideration will be given to initiatives and projects undertaken within the previous 24 months.

  • Eligible organizations must have been incorporated for a minimum of three years and have at least one major office headquartered in Canada.


  • This award can be granted to a group of individuals and/or organizations from any industry or sector (public, private, academic, not-for-profit, professional association, etc.) up to a maximum of 4 individuals or organizations.

  • The group will have collaborated through a project, program, initiative, event, platform, tool or research project that advances global health for women and children AND clearly demonstrates the power of partnership.

  • Specifically, it must be demonstrated how the partnership’s success could not be achieved as effectively or at all by one individual or organization but was dependent upon the unique contributions or expertise of each member of the partnership.

  • The partnership should have a focus on sustainability and include professionals from all career levels.

  • The partnership should embody the principles of equity and inclusion and the values articulated in the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness.


January 14, 2020