CanWaCH 2018 Online Learning Series

CanWaCH is excited to present a series of online learning opportunities throughout 2018. Through providing a robust and member-responsive series of webinars, we aim to offer significant value for members, fostering both concrete learning and strengthened collaboration between organizations, while also improving Canadian impact internationally. 

In all of the offerings, our focus is on going beyond why certain issues and topics are important in order to get into detailed discussions of best practices and innovations, and facilitated discussions to foster collaboration. At the bottom of this page, you will find information on our upcoming online learning opportunities as well as links to recordings of past events. 

Our online learning program is divided into four streams:

  1. CanWaCH In Focus.
    CanWaCH's priority areas, including Policy, Metrics and Public Engagement, through an over-arching lens of gender and feminist approaches. The goal in this stream is to ensure that our members, associates and other interested individuals are kept informed of important areas of work being undertaken by CanWaCH staff and working groups.
  2. Member-Responsive.  
    Topics of interest expressed by members. This stream will focus on linking members working on similar topics and connecting members to relevant experts. Content will normally be focused on specific programming areas and/or topics of urgent need.
  3. Important Conversations.
    Interactive, facilitated conversations on challenging and important topics. E.g. health equity; accountability to communities; access to abortion; respecting and challenging cultural norms, etc.
  4. Country-level Conversations.
    Bringing together member organizations, as well as local actors, with the goal of improved connection, coordination and collaboration between Canadian organizations working in particular countries. This stream will be driven by request from members, and generally will involve quarterly or semi-annual on-line check-in calls.

Upcoming Online Learning Series Events:

We've got several exciting events coming down the pipe! Stay tuned to our website, newsletters, and social media for announcements.

Past Online Learning Series Events:

Beyond the Numbers Evaluating Success in Engagement and Outreach Activities: CanWaCH members and sector partners present on what they are measuring and how to gauge the success of their public engagement and communications outreach, followed by discussion.


If you are interested in collaborating on a webinar please get in touch with us.