The Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) is a proud membership of more than 100 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), academic institutions, health professional associations and private companies committed to advancing the health and rights of women, children and adolescents globally.


Together, we represent Canada in championing the health rights and needs of the world’s most marginalized people.


How We Work

Our team is striving to realize a world where every woman and child thrives, so it only makes sense that our leadership team is made up of hardworking women!

CanWaCH is a completely virtual organization. This creative working environment gives our team the flexibility that they need throughout the day to do their jobs effectively.
It also allows us to find talented people from across the country to work towards the shared vision of a world where every woman and child thrives.

We are all about the power of partnership – organizations you know, united together and working alongside women and children around the globe. We connect experts to leverage this collective power by providing access to knowledge and resources to strengthen impact. When we work towards a common goal together, magic happens!


A world where women, children and adolescents, in all their diversity, realize their right to thrive in full health.


CanWaCH unites the expertise and commitment of Canadian organizations and individuals to advance the health and rights of women, children and adolescents globally.


Human Rights

We are committed to a human rights-based approach that upholds the inherent right to the highest attainable standard of health through participatory, inclusive, transparent, and responsive processes. We are dedicated to understanding the ways in which overlapping root causes of inequality, discrimination, and marginalization continue to threaten the health and rights of women, children and adolescents.


We are committed to placing inclusive partnerships at the heart of all that we do and to harnessing our collective ability to achieve stronger results together than any individual or organization can achieve alone. We are dedicated to pursuing best practices in forming partnerships and demonstrating these practices in our day to day.


We are committed to openness and transparency and to linking resources to results, outcomes, and impacts. We are dedicated to standing behind the experience and leadership of partners from the Global South in the development of transformative approaches to health.

Gender Equality

We are committed to respecting and prioritizing the agency, voices, and individuality of people of all genders, particularly those facing discrimination because of their gender. We are dedicated to gender-transformative and responsive approaches to health by recognizing the underlying inequalities and power dynamics that hinder access to healthcare and progress on good health overall.