CanWaCH Members work every day to ensure that women, children and adolescents around the world are able to realize their right to thrive in full health. 

Representing a diversity of organizations, academics, and health professionals across Canada, the CanWaCH Membership forms a strong Canada-wide network that brings considerable value to the work of CanWaCH. In exchange, Members have opportunities to increase collaboration, strengthen capacity, and exchange knowledge.

In addition to Members, CanWaCH Associates are a diverse group of academics, health professionals, students, international organizations, and others working to ensure women and children can achieve their right to health.

Both Members and Associates have access to wide variety of benefits, including:

Opportunities for sector collaboration, coherence and coordination. By working together, Members and Associates enhance the sector’s ability to coordinate efforts, innovate approaches and amplify diverse perspectives and voices through thought leadership and evidence to action initiatives.

Prioritized promotion of submitted content in CanWaCH monthly newsletter and via social media channels.

Prioritized promotion of articles, events, press releases, news and commentary, job postings and other content on the CanWaCH website.

Eligibility for discounts on registration fees for CanWaCH events, including the CanWaCH Annual General Meeting, conferences, workshops and other training opportunities. Member discounts (if a fee is applicable) will be listed for the respective events.

Help guide the direction of CanWaCH by nominating and voting on candidates for the Board of Directors and participating in the CanWaCH AGM.

Eligibility for application to participate in CanWaCH working groups: Metrics Working Group, Public Engagement Working Group, Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Working Group and Gender Equality Working Group.

Membership Fees

At the 2017 AGM, CanWaCH Members approved the following fees, implemented beginning in 2018-19. Fees will be due November 1st, in advance of the Annual General Meeting and voting rights at the AGM will be contingent upon good standing. 

Members, Annual Operating Budget Under $5 million: $500.00

Members, Annual Operating Budget Over $5 million: $1000.00

Associates: $100.00


Organizations or associates who are unable to pay the membership fee may apply to the CanWaCH Staff ([email protected]) to have the fee waived for the year.

Please consult the CanWaCH Members and Associates Policy and Bylaws for complete details on membership eligibility, regulations, voting rights, benefits, fees and more related to CanWaCH Membership.


Please note: Membership applications are processed in waves, corresponding to CanWaCH’s fiscal quarter. The CanWaCH Governance Committee meets around the following times: January, April, July, and October, and membership status will be confirmed following those deliberations. The CanWaCH team will be in touch with further details regarding the confirmation process.

Membership Renewal

Organizational memberships auto-renew annually each Fall in advance of CanWaCH’s annual general meeting. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact [email protected]


Canadian-based organizations with full voting rights.


Non-voting participants (often individuals) who do not meet all criteria for full membership.