The Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health focuses on three core pillars to work towards our vision of a world where every woman, every newborn and every child survives and thrives. These are knowledge exchange, measuring results and stakeholder engagement. Peer-nominated Working Groups of Canadian experts in their field take these core pillars from theory to action.

Gender Equality Working Group

The Gender Equality Working Group will provide advice and support to CanWaCH staff and will provide leadership within the broader CanWaCH partnership. This advice and leadership will be focused on:

• Encouraging collaboration across CanWaCH membership to advance shared objectives on gender equality and health

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• Creating opportunities for dialogue among CanWaCH members and associates to build common ground, increasing leadership on best and innovative practices to advance gender equality and health

• Providing input into mapping gender equality capacity across CanWaCH membership, identifying strengths, challenges and opportunities for learning and collaboration

• Participating in and leading gender equality learning opportunities, including workshops and online tools focused on gender transformative approaches

• Advising on the development of principles of gender equality and health for the CanWaCH network, in consultation with CanWaCH members and associates

• Exploring emerging opportunities for joint research, learning and advocacy on gender equality and health.

• Working with other CanWaCH working groups to ensure issues related to gender equality is a cross-cutting lens applied to all CanWaCH work.

Terms of Reference

Group members
Clare Szalay Timbo - Co-Chair Orbis Canada
Ajita Vidyarthi - Co-Chair Plan International Canada
Meaghan Anderson Digital Opportunity Trust
Nalini Andrade International Development Institute, Humber College
Althea Branton Dignity Network Canada
Saifullah Chaudhry Independent Consultant
Jeanine Cudmore Primate's World Relief and Development Fund
Jennifer Donville Independent Consultant
Elizabeth Dyke Independant Consultant
Elisabeth Fluet Asselin Santé Monde
Annick Gillard-Bailetti Independent Consultant
Merydth Holte-McKenzie World Vision Canada
Morag Elizabeth Humble Alinea International
Katie Judson SEVA Canada
Melina Kalamandeen Independent Consultant
Emmanuelle Lajoie Humanity & Inclusion Canada
Sarah Lajoie Flyng World University Service (WUSC)
Dominique LaRochelle Save the Children Canada
Rebecca Lee Global Affairs Canada
Laura Lortie-Maurel Cuso International
Julian Muturia World Renew
Rachel Pell Right to Play
Sarah Pentlow Nutrition International
Rameesha Qazi Aga Khan Foundation
Paula Richardson Salanga
Alison Riddle Independent Consultatnt
Jennifer Savidge CowaterSogema International Inc.
Sopheap Sreng ADRA Canada
Sandrine Tonoukouin Action Against Hunger
Emmanuel Trepanier Global Affairs Canada
Alex Valoroso Independent Consultant
Emily Wiseman Care Canada
Maggie Zeng Independent Consultant
Adhoc Members
Juanita Gnanapragasam University of Alberta School of Public Health
Andrea Papan Independent Consultant
Sindy Zemura-Bernard Southern Africa Embrace Foundation
Erin Jex CanWaCH
Deborah Dahan CanWaCH

Metrics Working Group

Pursuant to the vision, mission and strategic plan for CanWaCH, the Metrics Working Group advises the CanWaCH Secretariat, Board of Directors, Research Nodes, Global Affairs Canada, and other key stakeholders on:

1) CanWaCH strategy and activities to strengthen sector capacity for monitoring and evaluation, and

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2) CanWaCH strategy and activities to create a collective account of Canadian investments and results in women and children’s health.

Terms of Reference

Group members
Behnoush Ahranjani (co-chair) HealthBridge Foundation of Canada
Bart Dickinson (co-chair) Primate's World Relief and Development Fund
Pablo Acosta-Zamora Hope International
David Amaya Right To Play
Luay Basil Canadian Red Cross
Rudy Broers Plan Canada International
Marnie Davidson Global Affairs Canada
Angel Foster University of Ottawa Faculty of Health Sciences
Ilene Hyman University of Toronto
Naren Keita Santé Monde
Sundus Khan University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medecine
Sara Marshall WaterAid Canada
Diwakar Mohan John Hopkins University
Jakub Nemec Salanga
Kristin Neudorf Grand Challenges Canada
Thomas Orr Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Adrian Profitos Save the Children Canada
Alison Riddle Bruyère Research Institute
Victoria Sauveplane Univeristy of Toronto
Clarissa Teixeira CARE Canada
Sara Wuehler Nutrition International
Jessica Ferne CanWaCH

Public Engagement Working Group


The Public Engagement Working Group will provide input, expertise and advice towards CanWaCH’s public engagement coordination and outreach. The terms of reference are as follows:

Pursuant to the vision, mission and strategic plan for CanWaCH, the Public Engagement Working Group will:

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1. Provide input into CanWaCH Public Engagement coordination efforts, such that the Partnership strengthens the ability, and amplifies the voice, of our partners to engage the Canadian public and builds greater awareness of the importance of investing in women and children’s health globally. This includes providing advice and support towards:

  • CanWaCH’s efforts to monitor, support and share partner public engagement activities within the Partnership and to target audiences; and,
  • The identification of key milestones and opportunities for CanWaCH members to collectively strengthen those activities.

2. Provide review, expertise, and advice on the CanWaCH Public Engagement Campaign. This includes review and feedback on products produced by CanWaCH and contractors as part of this campaign, such as:

  • In-depth research and analysis on target audiences’ behaviour (concerns, issues, beliefs, mindset), as it relates to international development assistance and with a particular focus on women and children’s health;
  • Content, including key messages, Q&As, tool-kits, social media assets and more as applicable to align with CanWaCH members behind a common platform to influence the Canadian public’s engagement and behaviours in relation to investment in women and children’s health globally;
  • Processes that will enable CanWaCH members, regardless of internal capacity, to deliver on their public engagement mandates; and,
  • Media outreach conducted as part of the CanWaCH Public Engagement Initiative.

3. Provide advice on measuring and reporting on the success of public engagement activities by CanWaCH and its partners.

4. Provide input to the CanWaCH Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Working Group (SEPWG) on the reporting and results of public engagement activities by CanWaCH and its partners to government stakeholders.

5. Provide support and awareness for CanWaCH public engagement coordination and campaign initiatives across the membership by acting as public engagement ‘ambassadors’.

PEWG Terms of Reference

Group members
Deanne Berman (Co-Chair) Seva Canada
Terry Chemij (Co-Chair) World Vision Canada
Sanga Achakzai Maternity Today
Juliette Bail Médecins du Monde Canada
Melissa Cabana Médecins du Monde Canada
Alif Chowdhury Results Canada
Joao Luiz De Franco Global Affairs Canada
Stacey Jewer SOS Children's Villages
Denise MacDonald Results Canada
Kate MacRae Save the Children Canada
Fabian Martin WUSC
Léa Pelletier-Marcotte Oxfam-Québec
Kamilla Pinter HealthBridge Foundation of Canada
Rosemary Quipp Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Minerva Saddler ONE Canada
Cassie Smith Canadian Association of Midwives
Mehak Srivastava Plan International Canada
Melissa Sundardas SickKids Centre for Global Child Health
Tina Sweeney Cuso International
Fatou Thiam Humanity & Inclusion Canada
Charanya Thiyanavadivel Canadian Feed the Children
Melanie Tomsons Never Again International Canada
Alex Wysocki-Najar Canadian Association of Midwives
Amber St. Louis CanWaCH
Biko Mwalagho CanWaCH

Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Working Group

The Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Working Group supports CanWaCH efforts to inform and advise various Canadian stakeholders about women and children’s health globally. This includes advice on reporting, strategic priorities and resource allocation.

Terms of Reference

Group members
Lauren Alcorn One Drop Foundation
Chris Armstrong Plan International Canada
Chloé Cebron Médecins du Monde Canada
Dominique Denoncourt Results Canada
Kianna Dewart SOS Children's Villages Canada
Martin Fischer World Vision Canada
Ramina Ghassemi UNICEF Canada
Nyambura Githaiga CARE Canada
Merydth Holte-McKenzie World Vision Canada
Ekatha John Results Canada
Mark Leclair Nutrition International
Tina Lines Canadian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNNTD)
Emily Neilson Canadian Red Cross
Jennifer Slawich Right to Play
Healy Thompson Stephen Lewis Foundation
Julie Truelove WaterAid Canada
Jean Pierre Zeelie Save the Children Canada
Megan Aikens

Youth Working Group

The Youth Working Group provides input, expertise, and advice towards CanWaCH’s youth engagement coordination and outreach.

Terms of Reference

Group members
Hannah Chan
Adham Elsherbini
Melisa Eraslan
Medeatrice Fonyuy
Mary Gebre
Zein Hindawi
Rae Jardine
Donel Kadima
Eva Kamimura
Mishika Khurana
Clèche Kokolo
Sophia Mirzayee
Amirah Nazir
Christina Nguyen
Deborah Ola
Leah Peer
Christina Ricci
Maryann Rogers
Hani Rukh E Qamar
Sanam Sekandary
Alli Bunting CanWaCH

Public Opinion Research Working Group (PORWG) for Canada’s International Development Sector

The ad hoc Public Opinion Research Working Group (PORWG) for Canada’s International Development Sector will support collaboration among Canadian organizations that regularly or occasionally commission public opinion research on Canadians’ views, perspectives, beliefs and associated trends around international development broadly, including, but not limited to, Canadian development and humanitarian investment (aid), projects, programs and activities in low- and middle-income countries. 

Terms of reference

Group members
Louis Bélanger Bigger Than Our Borders
Jessica Bryant Save the Children Canada
Martin Fischer World Vision Canada
Cédric Garnier Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Gabriel Karasz-Perriau Cooperation Canada
Spencer Henson Guelph Institute of Development Studies (GIDS)
Anjum Sultana/Rudy Broers Plan International Canada
Tina Sweeney CUSO International
Alex Wysocki-Najar Canadian Association of Midwives
Charmaine Crockett CanWaCH
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