Prime Minister announces significant supports at the Francophonie Summit in Tunisia, November 20

Canada wraps up its participation at COP27, November 18

Prime Minister advances Indo-Pacific engagement and shared priorities at G20 Summit, November 16

Canada and Zambia lead on UN resolution to end child, early and forced marriage, November 15

Minister Harjit Sajjan and High Commissioner Mark Berman announce a $2.9M mental health project in collaboration with Guyana’s Ministry of Health and IDRFcanada, November 15

Minister Guilbeault delivers Canada’s National Statement at COP27, November 15

Prime Minister’s Announcements at the ASEAN-Canada Commemorative Summit, November 12

Canada supporting developing countries to adapt to climate change at COP27, November 12

Canada announces over $168 million in funding at the A Prosperous Africa: Food Security, Climate Change and Economic Cooperation session during the Canada-African Union Commission High-Level Dialogue, October 28

Joint statement by women foreign ministers on events in Iran, October 26

Statement by Minister Sajjan on World Food Day, October 16

Minister Sajjan visits Ukraine to assess humanitarian and rebuilding response and Ukraine’s future needs, October 14

Canada’s investments in Latin America and the Caribbean, October 6

Canada announces a $1.21-billion contribution to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and additional support to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, September 21

Prime Minister delivers action at the United Nations General Assembly, September 21

Canada announces development assistance projects in the Philippines, September 20

Canada announces matching fund and additional international assistance for Pakistan, September 13

Canada announces $5 million in funding for humanitarian assistance in response to flooding in Pakistan, August 29

Minister Sajjan concludes trip to Lebanon and announces $5 million in international assistance for UN Women, August 19

Minister Sajjan concludes trip to Egypt and announces intention to contribute $10 million for climate-finance initiative, August 16

Statement by Ministers Joly, Fraser, Sajjan and Anand one year after fall of Afghanistan, August 14

Minister Sajjan announces $120-million sovereign loan offer and $25 million in international assistance on trip to Jordan, August 10

Canada announces funding for 3 LGBTQ2I-related projects in developing countries, July 31

Canada announces the renewal of support to UNAIDS, July 29

Canada announces over $16 million in funding to improve employment opportunities for youth in Benin, July 4

G7 Leaders’ Communiqué – Executive Summary, June 28

Prime Minister announces additional support for Ukraine and shared priorities at G7 Summit in Germany, June 28

Ministers Sajjan and Bibeau participate in Ministerial Conference “Uniting for Global Food Security” and announce $5 million matching fund in response to hunger crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, June 24

Prime Minister Trudeau announces Canadian support to address global food security crisis, June 23

Minister Sajjan announces $200-million contribution to enhance COVID-19 vaccine delivery, demand and production in 13 high-need countries, June 22

Canada announces next phase of strategy responding to Rohingya and Myanmar crises, June 20

Backgrounder: Canada announces development, peace and security projects for Bangladesh and Myanmar, June 20

Canada’s new investments and assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean, June 10

Joint statement on the Global Partnership for Action on Gender-Based Online Harassment and Abuse, June 8

Minister Sajjan announces assistance of $223.4 million on trip to South Sudan, May 30

Minister Sajjan announces $68 million in international assistance funding on trip to Rwanda and Kenya, May 26

G7 Development Ministers conclude successful meeting and issue statement on Ukraine, May 19

Canada announces funding for humanitarian and development assistance for those affected by conflict in Syria, May 10

Canada announces over $73 million in funding to respond to drought in Horn of Africa, April 26

Minister Sajjan announces a $40-million contribution to ensure all women, adolescents and children can access essential health services today and in a post-pandemic world, April 22

Prime Minister announces additional funding for COVID-19 vaccination in lower-income countriesIncluded in Budget 2022 Chapter 5: Canada’s Leadership in the World, April 8

Budget 2022: A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable, April 7

Canada announces over $82 million in funding to respond to food and nutrition crisis in Sahel and Lake Chad regions, April 6

Canada announces additional $50 million in humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan, March 31

Government of Canada invests more than $31M in the next generation of health researchers, March 31

Minister Sajjan announces $67.2 million to support education for displaced children and youth as Canada hosts Together for Learning Summit, March 30

Canada announces support for worldwide efforts to end the global TB epidemic, March 24

Minister Sajjan announces funding of $83 million on trip to West Africa, March 21

Canada announces $62.5 million in funding as part of its continued response to humanitarian crisis in Yemen, March 16

Minister Sajjan to travel to Ghana and Senegal, March 11

Canada’s humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, March 11

Canada announces $67.5 million in funding for projects putting gender equality at heart of climate action, March 8

Backgrounder: Canada announces funding for projects that support gender equality and climate action, March 8

Minister Sajjan concludes productive visit with UN and international partners in Geneva, March 8

Statement by ministers Joly, Sajjan and Ng on International Women’s Day, March 8

Canada announces additional $2 million in funding for humanitarian assistance for the Philippines, March 3

Canada announces $100 million humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, March 1

Minister Sajjan to travel to UN headquarters to participate in debate on universal vaccination, February 23

Canada participates in second Global Disability Summit, February 17

Canada announces new international climate finance funding for nature-based solutions, February 17

Canada announces $19.5 million in funding for reconstruction efforts in Haiti, February 16

Statement from Minister Sajjan on International Development Week 2022, February 6

Statement on International Day of Education, January 24

Canada announces $50.4 million in support for Haiti, January 21


Canada announces $56 million in urgent humanitarian assistance for people of Afghanistan, December 21

Government of Canada Releases Economic and Fiscal Update 2021, December 14

Minister Joly and Minister Sajjan conclude G7 Foreign and Development Ministers’ Meeting, December 14

Parliamentary Secretaries, Official Opposition Critics, NDP Critics, Bloc Critics, Standing Committess, and Senate Committees, Updated December 13

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to Provide Economic and Fiscal Update, December 9

Canada announces financial contributions to partners through its Volunteer Cooperation Program, December 9

Canada renews support for its Volunteer Cooperation Program, December 9

Canada announces financial contribution for projects to improve nutrition for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, December 7

Canada renews support for Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help provide food to people affected by humanitarian crises, December 7

Speech from the Throne, November 23

Global Health and Economy: Prime Minister concludes productive first day of G20 Leaders’ Summit in Italy, October 30

Federal Cabinet Sworn-in, October 26