Board of Directors

Onome Ako

Chief Executive Director, Action Against Hunger, Canada

Onome Ako, Board Chair

Margaret Biggs

Mathews Fellow in Global Public Policy at Queen’s University

Margaret Biggs, Vice-Chair

Sian Fitzgerald

Executive Director, HealthBridge

Sian Fitzgerald, Board Treasurer

William B. Chambers

William B. Chambers, Director

Mark Brender

National Director, Partners In Health Canada

Mark Brender, Director

Chris Dendys

Executive Director, RESULTS Canada

Chris Dendys, Director

Timothy Grant Evans

Associate Dean for the School of Publication & Global Health, McGill University

Timothy Grant Evans, Director

Barbara Grantham 

President and CEO, CARE Canada

Barbara Grantham, Director

Danny Glenwright

President & CEO, Save the Children Canada

Danny Glenwright, President & CEO

Jocelyn Mackie

Co-CEO of Grand Challenges Canada

Jocelyn Mackie, Director

Rowena Pinto

Chief Program Officer, Unicef Canada

Rowena Pinto, Director

Eva Slawecki

Interim Executive Director, Canadian Association for Global Health

Eva Slawecki, Director

Our Staff

Julia Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Julia is the Chief Executive Officer for the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH).

Megan Aikens

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Gender Equality

Megan is responsible for providing strategic direction, issues management and stakeholder engagement advice in relation to all orders of government and other key stakeholders.

Alli Bunting

Director, Programs and Operations

Alli is the Director, Programs and Operations and is responsible to ensure organizational effectiveness through the leadership of day-to-day operations

Charmaine Crockett

Director, Stakeholder Engagement

Charmaine is CanWaCH’s Director of Stakeholder Engagement, providing strategic leadership and advice on government relations, advocacy, policy, public engagement and communications

Jessica Ferne

Director, Global Health Impact

As Director of Global Health Impact, Jessica leads CanWaCH’s strategic efforts to strengthen Canadian evidence-driven programming and decision-making.

Erin Gilchrist

Senior Policy Advisor

Erin is responsible for informing engagement with key stakeholders. She provides recommendations, issues management and advice related to government relations and advancing the policy priorities of CanWaCH.

Erica Fotheringham

Manager, Programs and Equity

Erica is responsible for managing organizational processes and delivery of program activities across the organization that focus on CanWaCH’s values as well as monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements.

Nicole Jamrozinski

Manager, Development and Engagement

Nicole manages the project planning, design and delivery of key membership moments and member engagement activities across the organization while supporting the strategic implementation of development and engagement activities.

Imaeyen Okon

Senior Data Management Officer

Imaeyen is responsible to support CanWaCH’s data and mapping initiatives, engaging with CanWaCH’s diverse data-focused stakeholders.

Lauren Murray

Manager, Communications

Lauren develops and executes communications strategies and plans to support the organization’s objectives, including member engagement, stakeholder engagement and public engagement activities.

Erin Jex

Gender Equality Coordinator

Erin is responsible for helping to create, launch and administer the delivery of programming to highlight Canadians’ work on gender equality.

Hudson Biko Mwalagho

Communications Assistant

Biko is responsible for developing and distributing content on CanWaCH’s digital communication channels and supports the organization’s communications and digital marketing activities.  

Tina LaRochelle

Executive Project Assistant

Tina is responsible for providing logistical and programmatic support to the Senior Management Team

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