CanWaCH CEO Update

Dear CanWaCH Colleagues

I am writing to inform you that the CEO of the Canadian Partnership for Women’s and Children’s Health (CanWaCH), Dr. Helen Scott, has decided to leave the organization effective July 31, 2020. Helen is returning to her epidemiology roots and focusing on making a research contribution to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and global health. Along with the original architects of the organization, Dr. Dorothy Shaw and Ms. Rosemary McCarney, Helen led the new maternal and child health collaborative after the Canadian-led 2010 Muskoka Initiative. In 2015, with the formal incorporation of the organization, Helen was named Executive Director, and in 2019, the Board appointed her as CEO.

Under Helen’s leadership, CanWaCH has developed a vibrant and growing membership and cultivated a reputation for high quality knowledge-sharing and expertise that is valued by CanWaCH members and the Canadian and global health communities more broadly. 

In my role as Chair of the Board of the CanWaCH, I want to recognize and thank Helen on behalf of the entire Board for her many contributions to the organization. We wish her all the best with her future pursuits. 

With Helen’s departure, Julia Anderson has generously agreed to provide interim leadership while the Board decides on a process for Helen’s replacement.


Stanley Zlotkin, CM, OOnt, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Chair, CanWaCH Board


June 24, 2020


Stan Zlotkin