CanWaCH commends Canada’s leadership on historic investment in girls' education in crises

OTTAWA, June 9, 2018 – CanWaCH commends Canada for its leadership in advancing gender equality and the rights and wellbeing of women and girls at the G7.  As a group of leading donor nations, the G7 has the power to back their policy commitments with significant resources.

Today, Canada, the European Union, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the World Bank announced a pledge of $3.8 billion CAD to close the gap in education for girls and women in crisis and conflict situations. This pledge is an important step forward in addressing the barriers to quality education that millions of girls face around the world.

“CanWaCH encourages G7 nations to take an integrated approach to education,” said Helen Scott. “The ability to fully participate in society, including attaining an education and economic empowerment, hinges on key health and nutrition interventions,  especially for girls in crises.”

In fragile and humanitarian contexts, adolescent girls are more likely to be out of school and face heightened health & safety risks from trafficking, early and forced marriage, complications from pregnancy and gender-based violence.

“For a healthy, inclusive economy that works for everyone, health systems must be strengthened to better meet the needs and realize the health and rights of women and girls,” said Dr. Scott. “Through this historic investment, we know Canada will continue to be a leader in global health, gender equality and economic empowerment.”


Caitlin Reid, [email protected]

Communications Officer

Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health

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June 9, 2018