CanWaCH is pleased to release our 2020-2021 Annual Report!

The strength of the CanWaCH membership rests on its diversity, with members joining from civil society, academia, health professional associations and the private sector. Members contribute to CanWaCH’s collective work by participating in working groups, consultations, events, workshops, webinars and other types of convening and capacity-building opportunities. Together, the CanWaCH membership forms a strong Canadian network of individuals and organizations from interdisciplinary backgrounds who are committed to shaping the direction of Canada’s global health and gender equality activities. 

Over the past year, CanWaCH members, and the global health sector as a whole, has demonstrated its continued resiliency in the face of adversity. During a time where business as usual is no longer the norm, members have perfected the art of pivoting and flexibility with grace and composure in order to ensure that the priorities of women, children and adolescents remain at the heart of what we do. 

Throughout the year we continued to witness a significant shift in how Canadians convened and engaged with one another. In accordance with COVID-19 public health protocols, in-person events and moments to exchange knowledge were not possible. In this challenging virtual environment, CanWaCH actively sought opportunities to enable or strengthen the capacity of our members to deliver on their work. 

This included enhanced capacity to share knowledge and convene virtually in both official languages. CanWaCH translated select member resources, including those designed to bring about greater awareness of our sector’s work among Canadians, such as information about the Monument to Canadian Aid Workers, World Sexual Health Day, and educational games and activities for children and youth. We were also able to investigate and share cost-effective technology and vendors that enabled more members the ability to offer simultaneous translation for online events. 

Under the spotlight as remote work experts in its own right, CanWaCH continues to thrive in a virtual environment by convening members, stakeholders and partners online to discuss immediate and pressing issues, as well as to plan key virtual events and webinars. 


November 23, 2021