How will you use your power?

In June 2019, 56 Canadians from across the country attended the Women Deliver 2019 Conference in Vancouver, BC as a part of the Women Deliver 2019 Mobilization Canada (WDMC) Bursary program.

The theme of the conference was “Equitable sharing of Power. Progress. Change.” Throughout the experience, participants were challenged to ask themselves “how will you use your power?”. Reflecting on this question, WDMC Bursary Recipients shared their reflections on how they can turn their experiences at Women Deliver into action for future change. WDMC received 31 reports in mediums ranging from photo essays to poems.

Here are the key themes and feedback from bursary recipients: 


minister monsef with bursary recipients at women deliver 2019

“You’re never too small to make a change.” 

Throughout the conference, bursary recipients were challenged to reflect on power, what it meant to them and how they would use their power. They reflected that power and privilege go hand in hand, and it is often the most privileged individuals who hold the most power in society. In order to make the world a more equitable and supportive place for women, we must use this power to be advocates for change. By attending Women Deliver 2019, bursary recipients had the opportunity to learn from leading experts from all over the world. It is now their responsibility to go back to their communities and share this knowledge and use their power to create lasting change. 


photo of four female bursary recipients at women deliver 2019

Bringing together 56 individuals who are passionate about gender equality created a network of connections that will last well beyond the four days spent at Women Deliver. Not only did bursary recipients make new friends, but they also deepened their professional networks around the world. Bursary recipients shared that they learned from each others’ personal and professional experiences while also fueling a hunger for collaboration and making positive change in the world. 


young woman speaking at Canada Pavilion

Bursary recipients felt an overwhelming sense of empowerment. There were many vital opportunities for them to learn from inspiring and powerful people and communities. This opportunity helped them find confidence in their abilities and deepen their knowledge. 


June 2, 2020