Guidelines for Blog Submission

  • Submissions should contain original content with all rights for publication held by the author. Please indicate if your submission has been posted elsewhere, online or in print, at the beginning of the article.
  • While all submissions will be considered, please aim for a maximum word count of 750 words.
  • Topics can include but are not limited to international cooperation, global health, gender equality, career advice and job search and networking tips.
  • The tone of our blog is informative, relatable and simple. We encourage the limited use of technical terms and acronyms so that learnings and ideas can be understood by a wide range of audiences. 
  • Please keep paragraphs short and succinct. We encourage the use of subheadings where appropriate. 
  • We may edit your piece to support brevity and clarity and to adjust grammar as required. We will let you know about these changes before it is published.
  • Including a photograph with your submission is optional. Should you wish to include a photograph, please ensure that you have the appropriate rights. We recommend using sites like Unsplash for stock photographs if you do not have your own image. 

Submitting a Blog

Blogs are submitted through our Submit a Story google form. Ensure that all relevant fields have been filled. Please contact the CanWaCH senior communications officer, Biko Mwalagho, if you have any issues with your submission.

Next Steps

Once your blog is received, CanWaCH will review your submission and provide any suggested edits via the email included in your submission form within seven business days. We translate all submitted blogs, sharing them in English and French. 

Have a LinkedIn or Twitter profile? Be sure to include it in the “additional information” section when you submit a story! Stories will be shared on and across CanWaCH’s social media channels.