Introducing Ethics in MEAL for Health and Rights Programming: A Short Guide

CanWaCH is pleased to present our latest guidance note! Ethics in MEAL for Health and Rights Programming: A Short Guide fills a gap in the area of ethics in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) in global health and rights programs, providing practical guidance and promoting promising practices.

This guidance note builds on our Technical Guidance Note on Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Plans for Global Health & Rights Programs and our Technical Guidance Note on Measuring Women’s Empowerment in the Global Health Sector. It is intended for, but is not limited to, MEAL practitioners, program and project managers. Funding agencies may also find this information useful in their work. 

A Few Words about the Process: it’s in the Journey… : The decision to develop this guidance note is rooted in CanWaCH’s goal to provide the global health sector with key, relevant technical guidance based on needs identified through interactions with colleagues from CanWaCH member and partner organizations. The collaborative efforts have included an extensive literature review.  Selected additional resources are available in Section 6. This note has been enriched with real-life examples provided through conversations with contributing individuals, most which have been anonymized. 

As you read and refer to this note, please keep in mind that it is a “first edition”, “evergreen” document with potential to continue improving and evolving from our collective learning. As such, this note is under active review and consultation, and recommendations are encouraged. Please contact CanWaCH at [email protected] to participate in this process.