NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED: 2019 CanWaCH Awards for Canadian Excellence in Global Women and Children's Health

2018 Awards Winners

2019 CanWaCH Awards for Canadian Excellence in Global Women and Children’s Health

The Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) is proud to present its second annual Awards for Canadian Excellence in Global Women and Children’s Health. These prestigious honours will be bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated significant contribution towards Canada’s advancement of global health for women and children in the following five categories:  Leadership, Gender Equality, Measuring Impact, Young Leader and Partnership.

Awards will be presented at an evening reception as part of the CanWaCH celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, in Ottawa. 

General Nominee Criteria and awards policies:

  • Nominees must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Nominees should have demonstrated exceptional contribution and value towards Canadian efforts to advance global health for women and children.
  • Nominations are open to nominees from the public, private, academic or non-profit sector.
  • Young leaders can be nominated in any of the four categories.
  • Nominees must be informed that they are being nominated for a CanWaCH Award before the nomination is submitted.
  • Nominees must confirm they are available to participate in the awards ceremony on March 8, 2019, if selected as an award recipient, either in person in Ottawa or via video conference.
  • If recipients attend in person, each will receive one night of complimentary hotel accommodation arranged by CanWaCH in Ottawa the night of March 8, 2019. For the Partnership category, two representatives from the group will be eligible for this accommodation.
  • Transportation, per diems and additional accommodation requirements for the nominee to attend the awards ceremony in Ottawa, beyond the complimentary one night of accommodation provided to awards recipients, must be covered by the nominating organization or the nominee.
  • Nominations will be accepted until January 25, 2019, at 5 pm. Award recipients will be notified by February 8, 2019.

Individual Category Criteria:


  • This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities that have motivated, inspired or sparked action for the advancement of work in global health for women and children.
  • An individual’s leadership can be demonstrated by a specific catalyzing moment, such as a major initiative, collaboration, project, policy or concept, or through sustained and influential leadership skills that foster collaboration and inspire organizations and individuals working to advance global health for women and children.

Gender Equality

  • Recognizing an individual who has advanced, within the global women and children’s health sector, gender equality research, the improvement of policy and programming, or the application of a gender equality lens to partnerships, programs, projects or organizational culture.
  • This individual, whether working in policy, programming, communications, research, practice, academia, community outreach, leadership or more, has served to advance or raise awareness of gender equality issues and how a gender-based lens can amplify the impact of Canada’s work in global women and children’s health.  

Measuring Impact

  • This award recognizes an individual who champions the collection, analysis, use or sharing of data, or monitoring and evaluation approaches to communicate the impact of Canadian efforts in global health for women and children, including gender-sensitive monitoring, evaluation or research.
  • This individual has contributed to or advocated for the improved quality of, or access to, health information, conceived of innovative new ways to collect, analyze or implement vital health information on women, children, youth or gender equality, has contributed to strengthening the project monitoring and evaluation community in Canada and/or globally, or made contributions to improve the collection, analysis, implementation, or dissemination of health information.
  • Nominees can originate from any sector discipline or area of focus (e.g. researchers, practitioners, gender equality, etc.).

Young Leader

  • This award recognizes professionals or volunteers aged 16-30 who have demonstrated leadership, dedication and/or courage and have made an impact in women and children’s health and rights, at the local, national or global level.
  • The individual should be a trailblazer who has participated in campaigns, projects and global health work that pushes the boundaries and has inspired other youth, students and young professionals in women and children’s health, locally or globally.


  • This award can be granted to a group of individuals and/or organizations from any industry or sector (public, private, academic, not-for-profit, professional association, etc.) up to a maximum of 4 individuals or organizations.
  • The group will have collaborated through a project, program, initiative, event, platform, tool or research project that advances global health for women and children AND clearly demonstrates the power of partnership.
  • Specifically, it must be demonstrated how the partnership’s success could not be achieved as effectively or at all by one individual or organization but was dependent upon the unique contributions or expertise of each member of the partnership.


November 14, 2018