#StoptheSetback: CanWaCH’s Commitments to Gender Equality in the Workplace

For young women in Canada and around the world, the pandemic has affected the environment in which they learn and grow – impacting everything from their education to potential career opportunities. The next generation is set to inherit a world deeply fractured from the setbacks of COVID-19.

This October, CanWaCH was pleased to welcome Felicia Gisondi as she stepped into Julia Anderson’s role as CEO at CanWaCH as a part of Plan International Canada’s Girls Belong Here program.

screenshot of canwach staff on zoom

To adapt to our current reality, this year’s Girls Belong program was held virtually. This provided even more space for girl ambassadors to share their voices, stories, ideas and solutions with leaders and organizations during this critical time.

We realize that a return to normal isn’t good enough. The pandemic provides an opportunity to build back a better world – one where every woman and girl is seen, heard and valued equally.

The CanWaCH team commits to…

  1. Fixing each other’s crowns without letting anyone else know that they were ever bent. It is important for women to champion each other in the workplace. We commit to living this commitment within our team and throughout our partnerships and programs.
  2. Sharing the microphone in meetings.
  3. Practicing advocacy in a feminist way.
  4. Creating space for young women at the table.
  5. Making space for different kinds of participation in our events.
  6. Practicing diversity in learning and who we are learning from.
  7. Knowing when to lean in and when to lean out.
  8. Defining what it means to be a professional in our own terms.
  9. Rethinking the ways that we network.
  10. Giving credit where credit is due.

At CanWaCH, we are continually inspired by the leadership of girls and young women like Felicia, which is why we must #StopTheSetback and continue fighting for gender equality around the world.


October 29, 2020