Unlocking the Power of Youth: Empowering Change

As we stand on the precipice of a new era, the world faces pressing challenges that demand immediate attention and action. Global health crises, environmental degradation, social inequalities, and food scarcity are among the critical issues that weigh heavily on the shoulders of today’s youth. While it may be easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of global problems, it is essential to recognize that each individual has the ability to contribute to transformative change. The power of youth lies not merely in their numbers but in their passion, resilience, and determination to create a better world.

To achieve the global change we desire, empowerment is crucial. Active youth participation in global change spaces is the key to this empowerment. Youth advocacy and building networks are powerful avenues for involvement.   

 Youth Networks: Collaboration for Impact

One of the greatest strengths of youth participation is its ability to foster a sense of global community. In a world where individual efforts may seem insufficient, youth networks create a multiplier effect. Large non-profit organizations often have youth chapters and events that bring like-minded youth together. Additionally, university clubs and online platforms facilitate connections with others who share the same goals. Through these networks, we gain access to diverse perspectives, knowledge, and expertise, enriching our understanding of complex issues and opening doors to innovative solutions. 

 Youth Advocacy: Amplifying Voices for Change

Youth advocacy is particularly important as direct engagement with decision-makers in government compels them to address issues that youth are passionate about. Youth advocacy provides an opportunity to couple personal skills such as speaking, writing, or organizing with passions for societal issues to create change. Participation in youth advocacy allows people like you and I to learn about the ways we can make a difference and empower ourselves by drawing on these passions. As we advocate for issues that resonate with us, we discover a profound sense of purpose and empowerment.

Building social networks allows us to become part of a large community that can fuel our passion for advocating for global change. I, Saron Teferra, experienced this first hand as I attended my first Youth Summit/Conference this summer. The event was an opportunity to learn about what it means to be a Global Citizen and discover the ways that we as youth hold unique tools that can be utilized for advocacy. Before the day concluded, everyone in attendance was asked to share one word to summarize their experience. Empowered was the word most participants chose. This experience reflects how when we seek out opportunities for advocacy and work to build our networks, we empower ourselves and each other to be drivers of change. 

Empowering Change

The power to effect meaningful global change resides within each one of us. As youth, we have the unique advantage of being bold, idealistic, and unafraid to challenge the status quo. Embracing youth participation as a mechanism for empowerment allows us to unleash our full potential, transforming the world from a place of concern to a realm of hope and progress.

In the face of uncertainty, let us choose hope, unity, and action. Together, as a force of determined youth, we can and will create the transformative change the world so desperately needs. Let us stand firm in our resolve to make a difference, knowing that our collective power has the potential to reshape the course of history. The journey may be challenging, but the destination is a world we can proudly call our own – a world truly empowered by youth for youth.

Christina Nguyen is dedicated to empowering women, children and youth around the world. She is currently working at World Vision Canada as Program Officer with the Research & Evidence Building Unit. Christina is also a member of the CanWaCH Youth Working Group. Click here to connect with Christina on LinkedIn. 

Saron Teferra is a self-proclaimed Global citizen and an advocate for Global Change. As an intern at the World Vision Canada Research & Evidence Building Unit and an incoming MSc in Global Health student at McMaster University, she’s currently discovering how she can uniquely advocate for maternal and child health. Click here to connect with Saron on LinkedIn. 

Dahlia Hathout is passionate about equity and giving people an equal chance at living their life to the fullest. She is currently completing her masters degree in Global Health at McMaster University. Dahlia also works for the school board as an elementary school teacher. Click here to connect with Dahlia on LinkedIn.  


August 29, 2023


Christina Nguyen, Saron Teferra and Dahlia Hathout