Where in the world is Canada?

Learn more about Canada’s global impact with the CanWaCH Project Explorer

You’ve been here before. You find out about an important development project but it’s already in the end stages of its project cycle. If you had learned about it sooner, it could have made a real difference for your work and project planning. You might have coordinated with partners involved, organized similar activities, shared resources, harmonized your data results and planned advocacy initiatives together.

You may also find yourself dealing with similar challenges when setting up your own programming and projects. You want to know more about where Canadian global health and international development practitioners are working, what their projects are focused on and which types of projects are most likely to be funded. 

You may be tired of searching multiple sources and websites to understand the full spectrum of Canadian global development projects and you may be wishing you could learn about all these things frequently and all in one place

Now imagine that you have access to a tool that has the most comprehensive data on Canadian global health and gender equality projects worldwide. Well you don’t need to imagine the CanWaCH Project Explorer! With the click of a button, you can see the impact that Canadian organizations are making globally.

CanWaCH Project Explorer


In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to see which countries have the most projects, which organizations are leading on those projects, who are the local partners and how much funding has been received for those projects. With another quick click of a button, you can see which topic areas, such as nutrition or sexual health and rights, are being addressed and in which countries. 

Information, tools, visuals and resources on the Project Explorer can be shared openly and downloaded easily for use by anyone. Active and completed projects are all captured by the Project Explorer, and regular updates mean you have access to key project information faster than before. Projects featured in the Project Explorer are either funded and/or led by Canadian organizations, often in partnership with local and international organizations.


Learning from what others are doing and being connected to a large global community of like-minded organizations has never been easier. Discover how a simple search can help advance your programming!

This is the first blog in a special series on the Project Explorer. Stay tuned for the next blog in the series, which will highlight how to use the ProX to connect with other organizations in-country.

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April 6, 2020