Canadian Network for NTDs Research Award

In honour of World Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) Day, 30 January 2023, the Canadian Network for
Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNNTD) is pleased to launch an Awards competition to recognize an
outstanding Canadian partnership research contribution in the field of neglected tropical diseases. The
inaugural contribution will focus on research published in the scientific peer-reviewed literature. One
paper will be selected by a CNNTD Selection Committee from all submissions received by the deadline
date. The award will be presented during the 2023 Canadian Association for Global Health conference.

How to Apply:

Guidelines for submission (2 steps):
Step 1: Complete the online fillable form here.
Step 2: Attach the PDF of or a link to the paper.

This research award is the first in a series of annual awards celebrating Canadian contributions to achieving the WHO 2030 NTD Roadmap goals. Subsequent awards will celebrate contributions from Canadian partner organizations and teams.


April 24, 2023


April 30, 2023



Canadian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNNTD)