Consultancy Opportunity: GE Training Consultant


The scope of this consultancy is to build the capacity of two ADRA TOGETHER (UNITING TOWARDS GENDER EQUALITY for the ENJOYMENT OF WOMEN and Girls’ TOTAL HEALTH and RIGHTs) project partners in Kenya and Uganda to deliver gender transformative programming utilizing the Program H|M approach.  All project partners are responsible for ensuring that Gender Equality is effectively integrated throughout the TOGETHER project.  A gender transformative and rights-based approach to development ensures a more accurate understanding of the situation, facilitates the design of more appropriate responses, highlights opportunities and resources within an affected community, and contributes to sustainable development. A gender transformative approach seeks to address the root causes of gender inequality and reshapes unequal power relations. 

Timeframe: August to September 2022

Total # of consultancy days: 25 days

Total # of consultants: 1

Max total consultancy: $20,000 CAD (HST inclusive)

Language of Instruction: English

Funded by:                              Global Affairs Canada and ADRA Canada

Location:                                 Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia, and Philippines

Start Date:                              August, 2022

Application submission: By email to Sherry Ellis-Leonard [email protected], by April 18, 2022

*Alternatively, the training can be carried out by a team. However, in such a case, the indicative budget is still applicable as a maximum amount for the team.

Background and Description of the Proposed Project

ADRA (the Adventist Development and Relief Agency) is the official faith based international humanitarian response and development agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church focused on programming that delivers justice, compassion, and love to the most vulnerable of humanity so that all may live as God intended. As such, the agency adopts a Christian view of human rights, believing that as bearers of God’s image and clothed with intrinsic dignity, all humans are rights-holders, and are entitled to God-given rights that must be respected, protected, and advanced. Therefore, challenging gender inequality is a central component in all of ADRA Canada’s work.

In response to a 2019 organizational gender audit, ADRA Canada drafted its first gender vision for the agency, which included enhancing the capacity of partner offices to effectively address and mainstream gender equality by improving their knowledge in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating gender transformative programming.  As part of this, ADRA is piloting Program H&M training to enhance the capacity of two partner offices in facilitating gender transformative change within the TOGETHER project.

The TOGETHER project aims to increase the enjoyment of health-related rights for the most vulnerable children, adolescent girls and boys, and women and men, especially those with intersecting vulnerabilities in indigenous, remote or resettlement settings. The Project will empower individuals and communities to advocate for better sexual and reproductive health services and policies and will educate and encourage young people to engage with their communities and their governments to make their voices heard.

The Project will provide training to educators and teachers on providing comprehensive sexuality education, both in and out of the classroom. The Project will also strengthen local health systems, working closely with local authorities and health facilities to improve health worker capacity and service coverage, including for family planning and sexual gender-based violence (SGBV)-related prevention and care. 

Project activities include: (1) training on sexual and reproductive health and rights, water, sanitation and hygiene, climate resilience, and life skills to adolescent girls, young women, boys and young men; (2) training and support to health care staff, community health volunteers on women centered, safe, inclusive care and counselling; (3) training health care providers to provide comprehensive, gender-sensitive sexual and reproductive health services; (4) training on nutrition for caregivers of children under the age of five years old, pregnant and lactating mothers and their partners through kitchen gardening; and (5) equipping health centres to provide sexual and reproductive health care, from family planning consultations to supporting victims of sexual and gender-based violence in all four countries.

The Project will target (estimated) 120,000 direct project participants comprised of approximately 88,600 females and 33,052 males in Cambodia, Kenya, the Philippines and Uganda. Approximately 78,000 of these direct project participants are youth 19 years of age or younger. The Project will also reach over 70,000 indirect project participants. These figures are planned estimates and specific target figures will be defined during the project implementation plan (PIP) phase.

Training Objectives

Program H&M Facilitators Training

  1. Build trainers’ knowledge on the importance of gender transformation in the TOGETHER project.
  2. Build trainer’s knowledge in GE, ASRHR, and protection protocols.
  3. Build capacity of trainers to facilitate the Program H&M evidence-based curriculum with young women and men champions via participatory sessions.
  4. Build ownership of training content among GE specialists/GE focal points for providing ongoing support to facilitators and to train subsequent cohorts of trainers as needed.

Consultant Competencies

The training consultant shall have the following competencies:


  • Substantial professional expertise in Gender Equality Programming including gender transformative and rights-based programming as well as Program H&M methodology.
  • Substantial experience in a professional field that has had significant exposure to Sexual & Reproductive Health programming
  • Substantial experience facilitating participatory trainings, both online and in-person.
  • Experience in implementing humanitarian and/or development interventions.
  • Excellent communication skills and spoken and written English.
  • Cultural sensitivity


  • Experience supporting projects that adhere to GAC’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP)
  • Experience working in the project’s targeted countries

Resources Provided to Consultant

The following resources will be provided to the consultant:

  1. All project related materials including:
    1. Proposal
    2. Logic model (LM)
    3. Performance measurement framework (PMF)
    4. Gender Analysis and Gender Strategy
    5. Other documents upon request.

Proposed Deliverables and Level of Effort

Activity/Deliverable**Duration in days (business days)Location
Program H&M Training Design5Office work
Program H&M Training Preparation (including materials)5Office work
Program H&M Training Delivery10 (25 participants)Remote
Facilitation Support Check ins5 daysRemote


The consultant will deliver the following:

  1. Design and deliver a remote-based facilitator’s training on Program H&M and its use in supporting gender transformation in the TOGETHER project.

Schedule Restrictions

The “Program H&M Training Delivery” deliverable shall be completed no later than September 30, 2022.

Consultant(s) can re-allocate days within the total consultancy as needed.

Participation of Stakeholders in the Gender Training

  • Consultant – Responsible for leading out in the overall Program H&M design and delivery and scheduling with partners.
  • Senior Gender Advisor and/or TOGETHER Project Manager from ADRA Canada – provides key project documents for preliminary review and can be used as an information source.
  • Implementation team in each country – ADRA TOGETHER partner offices will assign their Gender Specialist/Gender Focal person to assist the consultant with logistics (scheduling, venue, accommodation, transport, translators etc.), and will be available to help in setting up the training and for questions and/or follow-up.


The total consultancy shall not exceed $20,000 inclusive of all taxes and fees.

Policies & Standards Applicable to Consultant(s)

The Consultant(s) will be expected to abide by the applicable policies of ADRA Canada, as found at the following links.  These include:

  1. Privacy & Security –
  2. Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Policy –
  3. Policy on Violence and Sexual Harassment –

The Consultant(s) will be required to sign that they will abide by the above policies.

How to Apply:

Application Submission

Interested candidates should submit their application for this consultancy to Sherry Ellis-Leonard ([email protected]) before the submission deadline April 18, 2022.

ADRA Canada reserves the right to contact only selected or shortlisted candidate(s). The application package of interested candidates should include:

  • Professional portfolio of previous work relevant to this TOR.
  • CV of the Consultant or of all consultancy team members.
  • Cover letter or proposal showing fulfilment of essential requirements listed above.
  • Proposed budget and schedule of deliverables.
  • At least two current and relevant references for similar activities.


April 10, 2022


April 18, 2022






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