Fundraising Advisor – Volunteer in Honduras

Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Start Date: December 2023

Placement Length: 12 Months

Language Requirements: Spanish Level 4-Advanced and English Level 3-Intermediate

Please submit a Spanish Resume and Statement of Interest

Open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada Only

The Volunteer’s Role

The Center for Marine Studies (CEM) is a Honduran NGO established in 2006 with the purpose of developing technical capacities in applied research to support the management of marine biodiversity.

The CEM is focused on the importance of generating coastal marine and socio-economic research to provide technical information that strengthens decision-making for a sustainable use of coastal marine resources in Honduras, we are located on the north coast of the country,

The organization has been a leader in the field since it also promotes diversification processes in different branches to support the planting of Antillean avocado, as well as entrepreneurship processes, beekeeping, minor species and others.

It is worth mentioning that we group an average of 130 direct families and 600 indirect families, which actively participate in marketing, technical assistance, consulting and others.

Do you have experience in fundraising, business administration, strategic planning or organizational development? Then this position is for you! We are looking for a Fundraising Advisor to achieve a better contribution in support of the communities where we are developing our lines of work. As a chosen volunteer, you will contribute to the collection and mobilization of resources.

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Review diagnoses and available information.- Review the methodology, tools and other resources developed
  • Prepare a work plan to develop strategic plans including area-specific action plans, if necessary
  • Research using primary and secondary sources.
  • Visit/meetings with companies to gather information, design the strategic plan and coordinate other necessary activities
  • Meeting with the teams
  • Propose tools to improve internal processes in obtaining resources
  • Participate in meetings, networks, work tables and similar spaces.
  • Promote strategic alliances.

Essential Requirements:

  • University degree in Business Administration, Economics, International Development and/or equivalent experience in a related field.

Essential Background:

  • Knowledge/experience in planning, administration processes, planning, strategy design.
  • Previous experience in planning processes.
  • Knowledge/experience in teaching, training and/or facilitation processes
  • Knowledge/experience of participatory approaches and tools.
  • Demonstrated experience of working in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Use of information technologies.

What’s in it for YOU? A life-changing experience!

About Us, the Project and the Partner

Cuso International

Cuso International is an international cooperation and development organization that works to create economic and social opportunities for marginalized groups. Together with our partners, we are focused on efforts to advance gender equality and social inclusion, improve economic resilience, and deliver progress on climate action. We believe that by sharing skills, we can build better futures. Founded in 1961, Cuso International works in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Canada.

Project – Sharing Canadian Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality (SHARE)

Cuso International will deliver the Sharing Canadian Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality (SHARE) project, with a contribution from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) over seven years (2020-2027). SHARE aims to improve the economic and/or social well-being of the poorest, most marginalized and vulnerable people, particularly women and girls, in developing countries, with a view to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to increasing engagement of Canadians in international development and key global issues, this project will aim to increase the performance of country partners to deliver more inclusive, innovative and environmentally sustainable development initiatives that advance gender equality, in support of the action areas of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.

Partner – Centro de Estudios Marítimos

The Centro de Estudios Marinos (CEM) is an Honduran, non-governmental organization dedicated to applied science on coastal-marine ecosystems. Founded initially on the island of Utila in 2006, the CEM has grown and expanded its study area along the Honduran Atlantic and Pacifica coasts. We also work under regional approaches with the Mesoamerican Reef System and the Gulf of Fonseca.

CEM combine applied ecological research with socioeconomic studies, with the interest of providing scientific information that supports the development of proactive management strategies for the sustainable use of marine-coastal resources. CEM has also create innovative management tools and with that, and they work regularly in collaboration with scientists and institutions around the world. CEM believes that by creating a knowledge bridge between applied research and local knowledge, CEM can highlight priorities for conservation, identify management requirements and find solutions to mitigate local and regional threats to sustainability. By doing this, academic science can be understood and used by the very people who depend on the integrity of the coastal ecosystems in which they live.


  • Experience teaching people with a wide range of ages, backgrounds and local customs.
  • Ability in the elaboration of fundraising projects
  • Critical analysis capacity.
  • Knowledge of the agroforestry sector/business.
  • Experience working with cooperative and associative companies.
  • Understanding of inclusive participatory approaches, among a variety of stakeholders, including gender-sensitive methods.

Terms and Conditions

Cuso International terms and conditions allow you to lead a modest and healthy lifestyle while being effective in your placement. This support package will cover basic living expenses for one volunteer and is not intended to cover home-based expenses (ex. loans, support payments, etc.) or luxury items such as imported items in placement or international personal travel.

Support Package

  • Modest monthly living allowance (varies depending on country)
  • Accommodation while in placement
  • Return airfare and visa/work permit costs
  • Cost of required vaccinations, antimalarial medication, and health insurance
  • Pre-departure training, in-country orientation, and reintegration debriefing, including travel and accommodation (more details below)
  • On the ground support through our Cuso International country program office
  • Access to Employee Assistance Program while in placement and upon return
  • Bonus: Additional return flight home or cash in lieu after 12 months of service for volunteers who extend for another 6 months

Other Requirements:

  • Please note that if you are shortlisted for the placement, you will be required to:
  • Provide two Professional References and one Personal Reference
  • Complete an oral assessment during your preliminary telephone interview in the language required for your placement
  • Obtain a Police Check at our request
  • Complete a full medical exam and be medically cleared by the Cuso International Medical Advisor prior to your departure
  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, be double vaccinated in accordance with the World Health Organization-approved vaccines
  • We seek individuals who share our values and are dedicated to supporting marginalized groups, including those from the LGBTQIA+ communities


We ask each volunteer, regardless of placement length, to raise $2,000. All volunteers receive support from Cuso International to help achieve the goal through fundraising. If the volunteer chooses not to fundraise or is unable to achieve the fundraising goal, he/she can make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor to support our work.

Pre-departure Training and Briefing

We commit to helping you prepare as best as possible for your placement. You will have an advisor to support you through the process and will receive essential training as part of your preparation. This training is designed to maximize your understanding of your placement and culture, help you identify and plan your own learning, and help you stay safe and healthy during your placement.

Overview of pre-departure training:

  1. Skills and Knowledge for Working in Development (SKWID) program: blended online and in-person training, including 3-day training in Ottawa (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  2. Self-directed briefing documents, online training and external resources accessed through the volunteer portal
  3. Online health briefing
  4. Fundraising 101 Webinar

In-Country Training and Learning

You will receive an In-Country Orientation (ICO) that builds upon the pre-departure training. This will be conducted by either the country program office or the supporting partner organization. This normally lasts for 2-10 days (depending on language learning requirements and other factors). In some countries, volunteers will be able to access ongoing language training opportunities. In-Country Orientation equips you with the relevant skills, knowledge, and country-specific information to be successful in your placement. Furthermore, our Country Program Office or local partner will provide you with continuous in-country support throughout the duration of your placement.

Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Cuso International works with poor, vulnerable and marginalized people, mainly women and girls, to eradicate poverty and inequality. We understand the need to uphold and enforce the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

At Cuso International, we believe that all people, regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed (religion), sex, age, record of offences, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity or disability have the right to live lives free of harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse.

Cuso International considers all forms of harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse to be incompatible with fundamental belief in the human dignity of all people, international and national agreements and standards, and with its core values. Cuso International volunteers must agree to uphold the Child Protection, Prevention of Workplace Violence, Prevention of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination, and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policies and Code of Conduct.

Residency and Citizenship


The majority of Cuso International volunteer applicants are residing in Canada at the time of application and during the pre-departure process. Occasionally we received applications from volunteer applicants who are residing outside of Canada at the time of application. In both instances, between your application date and placement start date, we must be able to contact you and you must be able to contact us easily and promptly throughout the process.

We may require your passport and would need to be aware of your current place of residence and any travel plans you may have during this time. You will also require unrestricted access to Canada during this time for training, as applicable.


Leaving your country of residence can have significant effects on your citizenship status in that country. It is your responsibility to research the consequences of traveling to Canada during the pre-departure process if you are living outside of Canada and of leaving your country of residence for a placement with the immigration authority where you live.

By applying to this placement, you accept full responsibility for any consequences related to your citizenship, residency, and immigration status or penalties as a result of travel to pre-departure training, international placement, or other Cuso International related travel.

You must check the implications that apply to you, but examples include:

  • Canadian permanent residents may need to make arrangements with immigration authorities before traveling. These arrangements allow them to travel without risk to their status in Canada. Without them, residency status may be withdrawn.
  • Citizens of other countries, including those visiting Canada on a visa, may have travel restrictions.


October 23, 2023