Girls Belong Here

Applications are now open for Plan International Canada’s signature Girls Belong Here program! If you self-identify as a girl, woman, or gender minority between the ages of 14-24, this is an exciting leadership opportunity for you to develop your skills as an advocate, learn about gender justice, and work with decision-makers to create change! 

What is Girls Belong Here?  

Plan International Canada’s Girls Belong Here program creates opportunities for young people to step into leadership roles within various sectors including the government, civil society organizations, academia, and corporate firms, to demonstrate that we ALL have a right to equal opportunity in all industries. Young people exchange knowledge and ideas with leadership in the organizations they are paired with and provide their perspectives on various organizational strategies and initiatives to support advancement the of gender equality. 

This program is part of a global movement to amplify the voices of people who experience gender-based discrimination (including girls, women, and non-binary people) to advocate for their rights and elevate their position in society.  

Our previous partners include powerful industry leaders like David McKay, President of the Royal Bank of Canada and changemakers in the political realm including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Women, Gender Equality, and Youth Minister Marci Ien.  

This year, Girls Belong Here is piloting around the theme of ‘climate action’ to collaborate with decision-makers in all sectors around equitable energy transition and responding to climate emergencies. 

As part of our commitment to equity and inclusion, Plan International Canada will cover all program related expenses for Girls Belong Here participants, including travel and accommodations. 

Applications are now open! You are welcome to apply if: 

  • You self-identify as a girl/woman or gender minority (eg: transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, two-spirit, agender, other) 
  • You are between the age of 14 and 24, at the time of application 
  • You live in Canada 
  • You have not participated in the Girls Belong Here program before  
  • You can commit 15-20 hours of your time to various program activities (including training) 

What does participation look like? 

The Girls Belong Here program offers two types of engagement: Seat Shares and Innovation Hubs. You are welcome to apply for either one or both!  

  • Seat Share Experience: A knowledge-exchange and advocacy opportunity for youth participants with the leadership of a paired organization by stepping into a leader’s role. Usually taking place over one full day, youth participants will provide input on critical areas of work, champion initiatives they are passionate about to a sector leader, learn how the organization operates while building professional connections with industry experts and leaders.  
  • Innovation Hub: Half-day collaborative experiences where youth initiate change by sharing their insights on challenges, priorities, and strategies brought forward by an organization. The experience includes networking opportunities with organizational leadership and fellow participants to create meaningful connections in support of participants’ career aspirations. Youth can participate in more than one Innovation Hub.  

When is the program taking place? 

The Girls Belong Here program will take place around two moments, International Day of the Girl in Fall 2023 (September and October 2023) and International Women’s Day in Spring 2024 (between February and March 2024). This will offer two cohorts, and candidates are welcome to apply for either cohort.  

Please note that the Girls Belong Here experience will take place during weekdays and working hours, which may lead to missing work or school. Plan International Canada can provide support letters to your school or employer.  

Is it going to be virtual or in person? 

Girls Belong Here will take a hybrid approach to programming. Innovation Hubs will be virtual experiences, whereas Seat Shares will be in person and virtual, depending on the preference of our partner organizations. Whether you participate in person or online, we are committed to ensuring that you have an enriching experience with opportunities to share your voice, stories, ideas, and solutions with leaders and organizations wherever you are!  

Other Information 

Plan International Canada is an inclusive organization committed to championing accessibility, diversity, and equal opportunity. Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage of the application process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] If you have any questions or accommodation needs. The information collected in this application is confidential, privileged and only for the information of the intended recipient and will not be used, published or redistributed without the prior written consent of the applicant. 

How to Apply:

Click here to apply: Girls Belong Here 2023-2024 Application Form!



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