NGO CSW/NY Global Youth Fellows program

The NGO CSW/NY Youth Leaders & Young Professionals are thrilled to announce our new Global Youth Fellows program which aims to strengthen our global community of youth advocates for gender equality while celebrating 20 young activists’ work and stories. Apply to join the first-ever cohort of 20 Global Youth Fellows and access a global community of like-minded youth that lasts for years to come! Read more about the criteria, responsibilities, and how to apply.


The Youth Leaders & Young Professionals (YLYPs) are a community of young people and youth advocates who are passionate about global gender equality and looking to engage in or learn about UN processes, especially the CSW.

Without consistent intergenerational conversation, we will not move the needle on gender equality. That is why NGO CSW/NY runs the YLYP program to empower youth to become more involved in the global women’s rights movement. The program’s mission is to allow youth to expand their networks and more effectively contribute their voice to global conversations surrounding women’s and girl’s rights.Criteria:

Those interested in joining the cohort must submit an application and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be youth (under 40)
  • Must have an organization to be your financial sponsor to receive $1k
  • Working on gender equality
  • Enjoys connecting with people, mentoring others, sharing information and serving as an ambassador for the YLYPs

Roles, responsibilities, and benefits:

  • Financial award: Winners’ organizations will receive up to $1,000 USD in award money in support of their ongoing work on gender equality.
  • Publication: Have your story and activism featured in a multimedia publication.
  • Youth Preparation Series: Speak at the YLYPs’ Youth Preparation Series events and have an instrumental role in shaping the series.
  • Instagram Takeover: “Take over” the NGO CSW/NY Instagram account to share your story, promote your work, and engage with the NGO CSW/NY community.
  • Advocacy: Have the opportunity to engage in the advocacy efforts of NGO CSW/NY and its partners including advocacy trainings.
  • Network: Access a global community of like-minded young advocates that lasts for years to come.

Deadline to apply: Monday, 30 October 2023


October 26, 2023


October 30, 2023


Fellowship Program


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