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About Anti-racist Cooperation (ARC)

Cooperation Canada is establishing an Anti-Racist Cooperation (ARC) hub. The ARC hub will deliver, coordinate and monitor the impacts of coherent and sustainable initiatives supporting international cooperation organizations to integrate racial justice principles in their intersectional feminist work. The ARC Hub will be led by a three-person team, supported by an Advisory Committee. The team will include (i) a Racial Justice Expert; (ii) a Program Coordinator, and (iii) a Program Assistant. 

Each staff member will bring different expertise and lead on different components of the project. As it is currently envisioned, the Racial Justice Expert serves as the resident expert for the ARC Hub and its programming, responsible for thought leadership, advice to sector organizations, partnership development and the creation and delivery of capacity development resources and annual sector monitoring reports. The Program Coordinator will lead in the coordination of hub activities, communities of practice and reporting to ARC Hub funders. The Racial Justice Expert and the Program Coordinator will co-lead the ARC Hub and are expected to develop their approach to co-leadership building on their respective areas of expertise. The Program Assistant will support the Racial Justice Expert and Program Coordinator across activities pursued by the ARC Hub, such as the creation of accessible tools and resources, developing outreach and dissemination strategies, communications, web presence,  logistics and other tasks as needed. 

As Cooperation Canada moves forward in establishing the ARC Hub, we invite you to review the Racial Justice Expert and Program Coordinator roles in tandem. While we anticipate individual applications for both roles, we also welcome applications from teams who would like to be considered together for these roles. If you choose to pursue a team application, please indicate why you/your team would be a good fit in your cover letter. Note, should you apply as a team, you will be assessed as a team rather than on an individual basis. The Racial Justice Expert and Program Coordinator will be responsible for hiring the Program Assistant at a later date. 


The Racial Justice Expert co-manages the ARC Hub with the Program Coordinator. The Racial Justice Expert serves as the in-house expert and thought leader responsible for the development of ARC Hub’s overall vision and planned activities (the latter prepared in partnership with the Project Coordinator), content generation, delivery of training to the sector and provision of strategic advice, while the Program Coordinator ensures timely delivery of program activities and reporting to funders. Content generation and delivery will be a significant part of the Racial Justice Expert’s work. The Racial Justice Expert is a champion of racial justice, is able to promote its aims,  and not afraid to disrupt traditional discourses on international solidarity in an inclusive and justice-oriented manner. The Racial Justice Expert plays a representational role on anti-racism issues with elected and other political officials, sector leaders, and domestic and international partners. This person will also be in charge of business development, expected to form strategic partnerships and strengthen the reach, the capacity, and the impact of the ARC Hub, including generating financial resources to sustain the Hub’s activities. A dynamic leader with experience in bringing about institutional and social change, the Racial Justice Expert is an excellent communicator and a strategist.


You are interested in this role because you believe in a collective pursuit of racial justice and are passionate about transforming Canada’s international cooperation sector. You are a racial justice expert who can communicate across diverse audiences and ensure accessible and clear messages that do not dilute the complexity of anti-racism. You are an excellent writer, have experience of developing learning tools and resources, and employ justice-oriented approaches to involve sector actors and partners. You are a visionary with a passion for coalition building and have some experience of liaising with government officials, organizational leaders, and media. You understand the strategic importance of working with coalitions in Canada and abroad and are keen to grow the reach, the capacity, and the network of the ARC Hub. 

If you are applying for this job, you are entirely bilingual (French and English), you are a self-starter who knows how to form meaningful partnerships, manage diverse stakeholder expectations, and balance long-term strategy and short-term priorities aligned with the broader trajectory of anti-racist change.  You know that racial justice requires a fundamental transformation that depends on the success of involving as many diverse actors as possible, but also nurturing existing anti-racist coalitions and acting in solidarity with equity-seeking groups in Canada and abroad. You recognize that there is a need to build sector capacity for anti-racist change and are excited to lead in this regard. With sustainability in mind, you are good at actively recruiting supporters and resources to assist in your work. You are also an empathetic and enthusiastic leader, keen to contribute to leadership within our organization and to support your team.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

To find out more about the job duties & responsibilities, please visit this link. https://cooperation.ca/job/racial-justice-expert/

Knowledge and Skills

To find out more about the skills & responsibilities, please visit this link. https://cooperation.ca/job/racial-justice-expert/

What would make you stand out?

  • Demonstrated experience in human rights, gender and racial justice;
  • Track record of conceptualizing and executing innovative programming and launching organizational or sector initiatives aimed at social change; and
  • Demonstrated experience of having conceptualized, developed, managed and delivered training and learning events on racial justice to diverse and large audiences (for example: senior and mid-level managers, head office teams, field staff, program and business services staff, volunteers).

Interested, but not sure if you are the right person? Tell us why we need your skills. We want to hear from you. We recognize that some excellent candidates may only have part of these requirements and we encourage you to apply so that we may consider what you bring. 

How to Apply:

The recruitment process will remain open until December 19.

We thank all candidates for their interest; however, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

We will be happy to work with those requesting accommodation at any stage of the process.


December 15, 2021


December 19, 2021


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