Submission of interest: Global Health Impact Summit 2024

CanWaCH will host its 2024 Global Health Impact Summit on May 13 in Montréal, Quebec. This year’s theme is: Rising Tides: Measuring climate impacts on the health and rights of communities in crisis. Through this highly practical event, attendees will explore the tools, methodologies, and indicators required to effectively measure the multifaceted impacts of climate-related challenges on the health and rights of communities in crisis – particularly women and girls. 

To foster an intimate learning environment, and given the sensitive nature of the projects being discussed, only those involved in presenting will be in attendance. Public registration will not be available for this event, and at least one team member is required to attend in person, although virtual participation for some project members will be possible.

Attendees will leave this one-day summit with a deeper understanding of the nuanced intersections between climate change, health disparities, and gender equality.

Using a peer-learning approach where participants share their innovative solutions and ongoing challenges, attendees will be better equipped to integrate climate-inclusive measurement approaches that ultimately lead to more resilient and equitable responses in the wake of climate-induced crises.

The deadline for submissions is March 15. 

CanWaCH will be in touch following the deadline to discuss the project and secure additional details from selected projects. We anticipate that all applicants will be notified no later than 30 March 2024 as to whether their submission was accepted.


February 5, 2024


March 15, 2024


Submission of Interest