The 5th congress of the Mukwege International Chair (5CCIM)

The 5th congress of the Mukwege International Chair (5CCIM), entitled “Ending Gender-Based Violence: women’s empowerment and Sustainable Development,” will be held from December 3rd to 6th, 2024 in Montreal. It aims to be a forum for exchange and assessment of the progress in knowledge, interventions, and policies regarding the respect of women’s rights towards achieving sustainable development goals. It primarily focuses on the progress made and the gaps to be addressed for gender equality and equity.

This congress serves as a meeting place for decision-makers, academics, researchers, women’s interest groups from all backgrounds, vulnerable populations, learned societies, women-rights associations, and all those concerned with women’s empowerment, their rights, justice, and peace. These concepts are inseparable in the mission of Dr Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2018, whose name the chair responsible for this congress bears.


Applicants must confirm one main theme and one secondary theme from among the following:

Topic 1: Empowering women
Topic 2: Sustainable development goals and gender equality
Topic 3: Gender equality
Topic 4: Gender-based violence (GBV), sexual violence (SV) and armed conflict-related violence (ACV)
Topic 5: Holistic care for SGBV survivors
Topic 6: Women’s rights
Focus 7: Living and care environment
Topic 8: Contemporary issues faced by First Nations.

How to Apply:

1. The abstract is expected in both French AND English for all submissions;

2. Conflicts of interest for any presenter giving an oral presentation in a symposium or individual communication must be declared at the time of abstract submission;

3. The abstract must be submitted online except for community and artistic activities; it must be sent, after being registered online, to the following address: [email protected]

4. If the abstract is accepted, participants must register for the 5CCIM congress and pay the registration fees before June 14, 2024, at the Early Bird rate;

5. All symposium presentations, individual oral or poster communications, community and artistic activities must be conducted in person and on-site in Montreal.

Abstract submission here


March 18, 2024


April 30, 2024


Call for Abstracts




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