A Successful Marriage: Research-CSO partnerships delivering practical solutions

As part of the Canadian Collaborative for Global Health, participating projects (‘Labs’) worked in interdisciplinary partnerships with the objective of addressing an urgent data challenge. 

A key learning from this initiative is that such Intersectional partnerships are ideally placed to address many critical issues, but are not without their challenges.  In this dialogue, participants from the Labs discussed:

  • What are principles of equitable partnership, and how might this be measured?
  • Are there certain types of work to which research-CSO collaborations are uniquely suited? 
  • How can we practically balance the multiple priorities of partners, particularly when they are in conflict with each other?
  • How do we work equitably with global research and CSO partners, recognizing power structures which have traditionally undervalued local expertise?


  • Colin Beckworth – Technical Advisor Nutrition Surveillance, Nutrition International
  • Charles Larson – Interim Director, McGill University Global Health Programs | National Coordinator, Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research
  • Katrina Plamondon – Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia Okanagan | Co-Chair of CCGHR University Advisory Council
  • Victoria Sauveplane – Project Manager and Research Associate at the University of Toronto
  • Dan Sellen – Director of the Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition at the University of Toronto. | Professor in the Departments of Anthropology and Nutritional Sciences, and in the Dalla School of Public Health
  • Vivian Welch – Editor in Chief of the Campbell Collaboration
  • Sarah Wuehler – Senior Technical Advisor for Nutrition Information Systems at the Nutrition International


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April 13, 2021