Gender Equality in the Workplace: Turning the Lens Inwards

This session at the Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership took a look at internal equity programs in the development sector – how do we walk the talk in our own organizations?

During the hands-on workshop portion of the session, facilitators presented gender audit tools and participants had the opportunity to use these tools to reflect on their own organization’s approach to gender equality, identify gaps and come up with key recommendations for the next steps. Here are the tools from the session: 

Inter Pares 

Does it work? Feminist Analysis and Practice and Inter Pares 

As an organization engaged in the pursuit of social justice and equality around the world and in Canada, Inter Pares has also considered itself a feminist organization throughout the majority of its thirty-five-year existence. Feminist analysis and principles have played a central, if not defining, role in the development of the organization’s internal practices, program priorities, and long-term collaborations. But this rich history had never been documented or explored until now. 


ÇA FONCTIONNE? Analyse et pratique féministes à Inter Pares 

Oxfam Canada 

Feminist Principles: What they are and how they serve as a guidepost for work 

By defining principles, we are working to create a framework that can guide Oxfam staff in their work. Much like Oxfam’s existing Partnership Principles, a set of Feminist Principles would shape and guide approaches to our work – with partners, in our programs, our humanitarian work, our policy and campaigns as well as in our organizational culture and behavior.


World Vision Canada 

The Gender Audit Handbook: A Tool for Organizational Self Assessment and Transformation

This guide is intended to help you conduct a gender audit-organizational transformation process in your organization. As a facilitator, you and your team will carry out several activities to advance gender equality and create a strong gender action plan in your organization. These steps, plus the necessary material, are outlined and contained in this handbook. 


The Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership is a joint effort between the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), the Canadian Association for the Study in International Development (CASID) and the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH). 


November 27, 2019