Global Health Impact Exchange

Discover high-profile Canadian speakers, stories and case studies from our members and learning opportunities for all audiences at CanWaCH’s Global Health Impact Exchange.



0:00​ Official Opening | Julia Anderson, Lindsay Glassco, Michael Messenger

11:45​ Land Acknowledgement & Traditional Acapella Song | Diyet

18:30​ Keynote | Jully Black

31:08​ Discussion with Canada’s Queen of R&B Jully Black | Jully Black, Julia Anderson, Lindsay Glassco, Michael Messenger

50:10​ Film Introduction & Screening | Paul Bettings

1:10:32​ Perspectives on the Anti-Racism Framework for Canada’s International Development Sector 

1:22:40​ Canadian Aid Workers Monument, 20th Anniversary

1:25:04​ Musical Performance by Pakistani artist Natasha Ejaz

Breakout A: Gender Transformative Health Programming: Emerging best practices and common approaches | Merydth Holte-McKenzie, Jennifer Donville, Saifullah Chaudhry

Breakout B

0:00​ Data-driven Results: A practical guide for using a development database to improve programs | Imaeyen Okon, Mélody Tondeur

15:38​ Global Health Diplomacy and the story of a Pandemic Pivot | Shawna Novak, Dr. Akram Amro, Dr. Roni Dodiuk-Gad

46:01​ SMART+ – Revolutionizing the Fight Against Hunger | Danny Glenwright, Jana Daher, Hailu Wondim, Lydia Ndung’u, Bijoy Sarker, Morgan Braun


3:42​ SMO Video Competition Winner

12:40​ Musical Performance by Inuit throat singers Silla + Rise


0:00​ Opening Remarks | Martine Bernier, Frédérique Thomas, Juliette Powell

9:03​ Land Acknowledgement | Daniel Richer

15:15​ Canadian global development leadership and la Francophonie: a decade of reflection, and a decade of action | Martine Bernier, Frédérique Thomas, Juliette Powell

48:09​ Performance by Niger band Sogha

Breakout A: Health programming in Haiti amidst political instability and the COVID-19 pandemic – challenges, questions and progress | Pierre Lacerte, Marleigh Austin, Miss Esther Mahotière, Dr Kenia Vissières, Dr Alain Casseus, Sylvia Sommella

Breakout B: Working in Male Dominated Spaces to Achieve Gender Transformative Health Outcomes | Anu Kumar, Cecilia Espinoza, Kabiru Atta, Dr. Aaliya Bibi

Closing Remarks: Martine Bernier, Frédérique Thomas


0:00​ Opening Remarks | Julia Anderson, Lindsay Glassco, Michael Messenger, Felicia Gisondi, Rayene Bouzitoun, Raiha Shareef

14:35​ Keynote Presentation | Larissa Crawford

28:04​ Canada’s engaged youth | Larissa Crawford, Felicia Gisondi, Rayene Bouzitoun, Raiha Shareef

47:53​ Classrooms Across Canada

Breakout A: Lead On Canada: Engaging Young Canadians through Compelling Stories in Global Health | Julia Anderson, The Honourable Karina Gould, Rima Thaker, Tanjina Mirza, Janie Moyen

Breakout B

0:00​ FIAP in Action: Results and lessons learned from the Born on Time Project | Dominique LaRochelle, Senait Afework, Tamanna, Ruth Dissansa

16:00​ How to Gamify Your Work to Engage Canadians | Lauren Murray, Roberta Gramlich, Michael Stephens, Hang Tran


3:38​ Games and Activities Demo / Showcasing the global health and development games with organizations 

24:19​ Performance by Kenyan poet Mufasa (with singer Ashley)

30:38​ Closing Remarks | Julia Anderson

34:30​ Musical Performance by Canada’s Queen of R&B Jully Black