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The Bruyère Research Institute (BRI) focuses on research to improve the care of aging Canadians and vulnerable populations. BRI research contributes to relevant and practical knowledge to build a more responsive health care system that delivers the best care to patients and families so they can recover better, return to work earlier, and have more productive, higher quality lives.

The Institute draws upon its unique situation as part of Bruyère, a multi-service continuing care academic health organization, to work closely with community and long-term care partners to bring faculty into service delivery, students into service learning, and service providers into research and education. The Institute is fully affiliated with the university of Ottawa, and has other academic partners including Carleton University, Algonquin College, and La Cité Collégiale.

43 Bruyère St

Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 5C8


Heidi Sveistrup

CEO & Chief Scientific Officer, Bruyère Research Institute

[email protected]