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Lucky Iron Life is a proud Canadian social enterprise and B-Corp that offers a simple, affordable, sustainable solution to iron deficiency, the world’s largest nutritional challenge. Incorporated in 2012, LIF currently distributes the Lucky Iron Fish to more than 90 countries worldwide. Extensive scientific work on the Fish has been published by independent academic institutions to demonstrate its safety, efficacy and impact.

The Lucky Iron Fish is a healthcare innovation designed to increase iron in the diet naturally. The Fish releases 6mg-8mg of iron with each use (30-50% of the daily required intake of iron) into food or drink. It does not affect the taste, colour or smell of the food when used as instructed and is not associated with negative side-effects like other forms of supplementation. The Lucky Iron Fish lasts up to 5 years and is safe for the whole family (research shows it is effective in those 12 months and older).

Lucky Iron Life sells direct to consumers via e-commerce and works with large scale iNGOs (CARE, World Vision, Action Against Hunger) providing the Fish at a significantly reduced price, along with training and program development support.

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Toronto, Ontario

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Gavin Armstrong

President and CEO

[email protected]