Advance Market Commitment for Pneumococcal Vaccines (II)

Reporting Organization:Advance Market Commitments
Total Budget ($CAD):$ 95,543,675
Timeframe: April 13, 2010 - December 31, 2021
Status: Implementation
Contact Information: Unspecified

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Reporting Organization

Advance Market Commitments

Participating Organizations

Funders (Total Budget Contribution)

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Region - Total Budget Allocation

Europe - $ 23,885,918.75 (25.00%)

Sub-Saharan Africa - $ 21,057,825.97 (22.04%)

South America - $ 16,615,045.08 (17.39%)

Southeast Asia - $ 7,958,788.13 (8.33%)

Central America - $ 7,270,873.67 (7.61%)

South Asia - $ 6,516,078.64 (6.82%)

East Asia - $ 5,789,946.71 (6.06%)

Central Asia - $ 3,621,105.28 (3.79%)

North Africa - $ 2,828,092.78 (2.96%)

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Areas of Focus

Health - Total Budget Allocation

Infectious & Communicable Diseases (100 %)

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The Advance Market Commitment (AMC) is a financial commitment by multiple donors to help pay for the future purchase of a vaccine for pneumococcal disease, a leading cause of child deaths from pneumonia and meningitis in developing countries. Pneumococcal disease is responsible for more than 1.7 million deaths per year. Of these deaths, almost 90% occur in developing countries, and half occur among children under age five. The AMC is an innovative way to protect the lives of the world’s poorest children by making vaccines available in developing countries more quickly. It is based on the concept of putting money aside to guarantee the purchase of vaccines once they are developed as long as they meet criteria specifically set out for the developing world. It aims to stimulate vaccine makers to accelerate the production of vaccines for developing countries and sell them at prices that poor countries can afford. The AMC is expected to save an estimated 7 million lives by 2030. The total donor commitment to the AMC is US$1.5 billion. These funds allow for the implementation of the AMC concept by the World Bank and the GAVI Alliance. Canada’s total commitment to the AMC is US$200 million, of which C$115 million have been disbursed. This project represents the balance of Canada’s contribution, which is disbursed based on country demand for pneumococcal vaccines.

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Target Population

Gender and age: Unspecified
Total Direct Population: Unspecified
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Results & Indicators

Expected Results


Achieved Results

Results achieved by GAVI’s Advance Market Commitment through the support of Canada and other international donors during the period of 2010 to 2012 include: a total of 101 million doses produced and delivered, culminating in an estimated number of over 10 million children in 24 countries immunized against today’s main cause of pneumonia.


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