Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Tunisia

Reporting Organization:ILO - International Labour Organization
Total Budget ($CAD):$ 3,000,000
Timeframe: December 17, 2018 - August 8, 2022
Status: Implementation
Contact Information: Unspecified

Partner & Funder Profiles

Reporting Organization

ILO - International Labour Organization

Participating Organizations


Funders (Total Budget Contribution)

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Country - Total Budget Allocation

Tunisia - $ 3,000,000.00 (100.00%)

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Areas of Focus

Other - Total Budget Allocation

Gender Equality (40 %)

Economic Development & Empowerment (30 %)

Education (30 %)

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The project aims to increase the level of economic empowerment of women in two targeted rural areas of Tunisia by strengthening women’s entrepreneurship. The project aims to improve the capacities and skills of women entrepreneurs in both regions, facilitate their access to financial services and increase their income. The project activities include: (1) providing training and coaching to women entrepreneurs living in the two targeted rural regions to help them improve and formalize their businesses; and (2) identifying and coordinating the actions and programs of the various private and government actors to promote a more favourable environment for women entrepreneurs in the two targeted regions and at the national level. The project aims to raise awareness of entrepreneurship among 1,000 women in both rural regions, support and train 250 women who wish to start a business, formally register 120 of these businesses, and train and support 50 women with business projects in the consolidation of these businesses.

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Target Population

Gender and age: Adult women
Descriptors: Rural
Total Direct Population: Unspecified
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Results & Indicators

Expected Results

The expected results of this project include: (1) rural women entrepreneurs increase their sales and income in two pilot regions; and (2) an entrepreneurial environment more conducive to the emergence and development of rural women entrepreneurs in two pilot regions.

Achieved Results



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