Enhanced Prevention and Intervention in Cases of Violence Against Women in Morocco

Reporting Organization:UN Women
Total Budget ($CAD):$ 3,000,000
Timeframe: February 26, 2018 - August 31, 2021
Status: Implementation
Contact Information: Unspecified

Partner & Funder Profiles

Reporting Organization

UN Women

Participating Organizations

Funders (Total Budget Contribution)

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Country - Total Budget Allocation

Morocco - $ 3,000,000.00 (100.00%)

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Areas of Focus

Other - Total Budget Allocation

Sexual & Gender-based Violence (100 %)

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The purpose of the project is to enhance prevention and intervention in cases of violence against women in Morocco. The project’s objective is to strengthen the protection and promotion of the rights of women in a legal and institutional framework and create an environment that supports women and girls who are survivors of violence through quality essential services that are available and accessible and through improved mindsets that support equality. Project activities include: (1) adopting a comprehensive and multi sectoral approach by involving the health, justice, police, education and social protection sectors in order to intervene in terms of the prevention of violence, protection, addressing violence against women and bringing the guilty parties to justice; (2) offering additional support to women’s groups and local movements that defend the rights of women; (3) involving men in awareness and advocacy efforts in support of gender equality; and (4) providing technical assistance and strengthening the capacity of Morocco’s government institutions in addressing violence against women.

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Target Population

Gender and age: Adult women Adult men Adolescent females
Total Direct Population: Unspecified
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Men involved in awareness and advocacy efforts
SGBV multisectoral approach adopted
Technical assistance in addressing SGBV provided
Women's groups and local movements supported
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Results & Indicators

Expected Results

The expected outcomes for this project include: (1) enhanced protection and promotion of women’s rights in the legal and institutional framework; and (2) an enabling environment for women and girls who have survived violence through the provision of quality essential services that are available and accessible, and improved attitudes towards equality.

Achieved Results



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