Gender Standby Capacity (GenCap) – OCHA 2010

Reporting Organization:OCHA - United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Total Budget ($CAD):$ 100,000
Timeframe: March 5, 2010 - December 31, 2020
Status: Completion
Contact Information: Unspecified

Partner & Funder Profiles

Reporting Organization

OCHA - United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Participating Organizations


Funders (Total Budget Contribution)

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Region - Total Budget Allocation

Sub-Saharan Africa - $ 44,100.00 (44.10%)

South America - $ 10,400.00 (10.40%)

Southeast Asia - $ 10,000.00 (10.00%)

South Asia - $ 8,200.00 (8.20%)

East Asia - $ 7,300.00 (7.30%)

North Africa - $ 5,900.00 (5.90%)

Europe - $ 5,000.00 (5.00%)

Central America - $ 4,600.00 (4.60%)

Central Asia - $ 4,500.00 (4.50%)

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Areas of Focus

Other - Total Budget Allocation

Humanitarian Response (60 %)

Gender Equality (40 %)

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The Gender Standby Capacity Project (GenCap) was established in 2007 as an inter-agency surge capacity roster, whose pool of experts can be deployed on short notice to support humanitarian actors at the country-level. GenCap aims to build capacity of humanitarian actors at country level to mainstream gender equality and gender-based violence response and prevention programming into all sectors of humanitarian response. GenCap’s overall goal is to ensure that humanitarian action takes into consideration the different needs and capabilities of women, girls, boys and men equally. CIDA’s support facilitates the strengthening of the GenCap roster through recruitment and training of experts and facilitates the ongoing deployment of GenCap Advisors to humanitarian country teams and humanitarian coordinators to strengthen the humanitarian response.

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Target Population

Gender and age: Unspecified
Total Direct Population: Unspecified
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Results & Indicators

Expected Results


Achieved Results

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