Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health of Rohingya Refugee Women

Reporting Organization:Ipas
Total Budget ($CAD):$ 600,000
Timeframe: March 6, 2020 - March 31, 2020
Status: Implementation
Contact Information: Unspecified

Partner & Funder Profiles

Reporting Organization


Participating Organizations


Funders (Total Budget Contribution)

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Country - Total Budget Allocation

Bangladesh - $ 600,000.00 (100.00%)

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Areas of Focus

Other - Total Budget Allocation

Humanitarian Response (60 %)

Gender Equality (40 %)

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The project comprehensively aims to build the humanitarian sector’s capacity to rapidly provide sexual and reproductive health and services in fragile and conflict settings. Project activities include: (1) providing technical assistance and support to clinical facilities in order for them to develop or increase their capacity to provide contraceptive and sexual and gender-based violence services to refugee women in Cox’s Bazar; (2) providing training and support for clinical service providers and community mobilizers; and (3) developing an adapted toolkit and set of guidelines for providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

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Target Population

Gender and age: Adult women Adolescent females Children, girls
Descriptors: Refugees
Total Direct Population: Unspecified
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Results & Indicators

Expected Results

The expected outcomes for this project include: (1) increased use of contraceptive care services by Rohingya refugee women, adolescent girls and girls in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar; and (2) increased capacity and willingness across the humanitarian service delivery sector, to provide safe abortions, post-abortion care, contraceptive, and sexual and gender-based violence services to women and girls affected by humanitarian crises. The expected ultimate outcome is lives saved, suffering alleviated, and human dignity maintained in countries experiencing humanitarian crises or that are food insecure.

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