Support to the Afro-Colombian Community Initiative for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace in Colombia

Reporting Organization:Madre Inc.
Total Budget ($CAD):$ 617,774
Timeframe: February 8, 2018 - March 31, 2019
Status: Completion
Contact Information: Unspecified

Partner & Funder Profiles

Reporting Organization

Madre Inc.

Participating Organizations


Funders (Total Budget Contribution)

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Country - Total Budget Allocation

Colombia - $ 617,774.00 (100.00%)

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Areas of Focus

Other - Total Budget Allocation

Sexual & Gender-based Violence (100.00 %)

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The project aims to support Afro-Colombian communities in contributing to the implementation of the Ethnic Chapter of the Colombian Peace Agreement. The Chapter provides a set of principles, safeguards and guarantees that seek to ensure the respect of Colombia’s ethnic communities’ rights and restore the rights that have been violated as a result of conflict. Project activities include: (1) advocating for the implementation of the Ethnic Chapter; (2) implementing efforts that support truth and reconciliation for Afro-Colombian women survivors; and (3) establishing gender-sensitive security safeguards in Afro-Colombian communities.

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Target Population

Gender and age: Adult women
Total Direct Population: Unspecified
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1 Improve security measures
1 Enhanced communication
1 Consultations
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Results & Indicators

Expected Results

The expected outcomes for this project include: (1) improved security measures that incorporate an ethno-racial gender perspective in focus regions; (2) enhanced communication between Afro-Colombian organizations and authorities and transitional justice, truth and reconciliation, and historical memory mechanisms in Colombia; and (3) increased meaningful consultation in implementation processes of Afro-Colombian communities, especially women, in Colombia.

Achieved Results


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