Is Canada Back? The facts about Canadian international development aid and Budget 2017

Is Canada really pulling its weight in helping the world’s most vulnerable, including women, children and adolescents? As the Government of Canada prepares to table Budget 2017, it’s important for Canadians to be informed and to be heard. CanWaCH is pleased to share two recent reports that can help you to assess Canada’s engagement in international aid.

On January 11, 2017, Global Canada released Assessing Canada’s Global Engagement Gap and the results are surprising. The report includes important comparisons with other nations, as well as Canada’s historical record on international development assistance.

As part of its year-end review, IRIN News released a review of the biggest donor nations of 2016. Check out how Canada ranks, as well as the list of countries where that international aid is directed.

If you are interested to learn more about how our CanWaCH partners leverage this funding to help the world’s most vulnerable, you can explore projects underway due to Canadian overseas financial commitments to women and children’s health with the CanWaCH Project Explorer.

Be informed. And if you are concerned about Canada’s contributions on the world stage, contact your local Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister.


January 13, 2017