Public Engagement Bulletin: September 2022

This bulletin is a compilation of information for communications and public engagement professionals working in global health, international development and gender equality to support them in their work, share best practices, and coordinate key moments in the sector. 

Public Engagement and Communications Tips and Resources

  • Designing Digital Dialogue: Communications for Systems Change, CanWaCH: Integrating local-to-global reflection exercises and providing tools to help increase capacity for public engagement activities, the toolkit will help you effectively communicate your global work to Canadian audiences. Use the code ‘CanWaCHmember’ to enroll in the training and receive access to the toolkit, training modules and other materials for free! Please ensure that you sign-up online using your organizational email.
  • Youth Political Advocacy Framework, World Vision Canada: A step-by-step guide and toolkit for youth to engage in social activism, impact legislative change, and influence decision-making processes. 
  • Storytelling in Many Shapes and Sizes: Ideas from the USAID Website, OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom): There are so many new story formats for the web! USAID shows us how to combine stunning visuals, emotional soundtracks and well-written texts to engage hearts and minds on different platforms.
  • #HealthToo by Women in Global Health: A research project to document the stories of women health workers experiencing sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment in the workplace. 

Upcoming Events and Campaigns

Professional Development Opportunities and Resources

Job Postings 

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September 9, 2022