Top 10 areas that Canadians are leading in global health

Canada is leading the way in championing the health rights and needs of the world’s most marginalized people through a unique partnership of Canadian organizations and individuals.

Last month, Canada secured its legacy as a global leader in advancing the health and rights of women, adolescents and children around the world when Prime Minister Trudeau announced the Thrive Agenda, a ten-year, $1.4 billion annual investment. 

Here are the top 10 areas of focus for global health projects around the world: 

Infectious & Communicable Diseases 

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Food Security & Nutrition 

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Sexual Health & Rights 

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Reproductive Health and Rights including Maternal Health 

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Primary Health Care 

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Health Systems, Training & Infrastructure 

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Law, Governance & Public Policy 

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WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) 

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Humanitarian Response 

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Health Promotion & Education 

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While we have achieved a lot, there is still work to be done so that all women and children – no matter where they live – can access quality healthcare and thrive in communities around the world and here at home. The time is now to let your friends and family know you’re proud of Canada’s leadership in supporting the health rights of women and children by sharing the Lead On Canada campaign. 

The statistics presented in the blog post are based on data available in the CanWaCH Project Explorer which aims to capture the full spectrum of Canadian efforts in global health and gender equality. This includes initiatives funded by the Government of Canada and other funding sources. 


June 27, 2019