Why Now?

The World Health Organization has declared Climate change as the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.”  At CanWaCH, our mission is to champion the health and rights of women and children around the world. Using our convening role, we will bring together key actors and thought leaders to critically examine how climate, health, and gender transformative actions can be more effectively integrated into our work. We will create an interactive, dialogue-forward forum for global and Canadian leaders and specialists to access insightful evidence and community support that will equip them to take specific and measurable action to  integrate climate, health and gender equality in their work.  

By partnering with us, you’ll be joining this important mission to create a positive impact on global health, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Why Partner?

The CanWaCH Healthy World Conference provides partners with the opportunity to be recognized for their work driving global health, climate change and gender equality. By joining us, you’ll engage in building strategic alliances and innovating for a future where the impact of climate change on health and gender equality are considered to improve the lives of everyone, everywhere.

Get in touch with us to discuss available opportunities by emailing Nicole Jamrozinski, Manager, Development and Engagement.