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Digital Storytelling for Global Health Research and Action

What are the data problems that this Lab is working to solve?

This Digital Storytelling (DST) Lab will address important barriers which limit data quality and research dissemination, using a participatory method of feminist public health research.

This Lab will undertake a rigorous literature review and scoping study, and will incubate the DST approach through a needs assessment survey and follow up discussions to assess adaptations for scale-up.

This project involves preparing an evidence-based, practice-informed, health-focused DST package consisting of guidelines, recommendations, and innovation, which can be adapted into tools and training materials for sharing with others in Canada and beyond.


  • Canada
  • Uganda

Webinar: Digital Storytelling as a Tool in Global Health

CanWaCH supported Canadian Collaborative for Global Health Project, Digital Storytelling for Global Health Research and Action, held a webinar on Digital storytelling (DST) as a tool in Global Health. The webinar highlighted a powerful tool to collect qualitative data and apply decolonial approaches, using participatory visual media creation methodology that “guides participants in the creation of their own short films”. This approach was also presented in a live symposium at the 28th Canadian Conference on Global Health.

A Shared Dream: Digital Storytelling to Support Gender Equality in East Africa

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