Frequently Asked Questions about the Project Explorer (ProX FAQ)

Who funds the projects featured in the Project Explorer? 

The Project Explorer features projects funded by all sources, including but not limited to projects funded by the Government of Canada. TheProject Explorer captures and shares the full spectrum of efforts in global health and gender equality with a link to Canadian actors or Canadian funding.

Are the projects included in the Project Explorer only from CanWaCH members?

The Project Explorer features projects from organizations of all types including CanWaCH members, other Canadian organizations and non-Canadian actors. As long as there is a link to Canada, the project can be added to the Project Explorer! 

Organisations of all types are included such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions, professional associations, foundations, private sector companies, and multilateral organizations. 

Are all projects in the Project Explorer currently being implemented? 

The Project Explorer features ongoing, as well as completed projects. Once projects are completed, the project page remains on the Project Explorer. On the Project Explorer map, completed (inactive) projects are shown as black dots whereas active projects are shown as blue dots. 

What type of projects are featured in the Project Explorer?  

The Project Explorer features development as well as humanitarian projects. Any project, from any sector, with a Canadian link is eligible to be included in the Project Explorer.

Is the Project Explorer data open to anyone?  

All data in the Project Explorer can be downloaded and is openly available to all. Additional data to what is displayed on the Project Explorer web platform can be exported in a ready to use CSV file format.

Is confidential data shared in Project Explorer?

All data fields are optional and organizations should only include the data they are comfortable sharing. Identifying information on individuals is not collected. In addition, all data submitted by organizations is carefully reviewed by CanWaCH prior to publication. The Project Explorer does not store additional project information other than what is shared publicly. 

Are organizations required to share data in the Project Explorer?

No. All Project Explorer data is contributed voluntarily by organizations and their partners, during any stage of the project lifecycle, including after completion. Organizations themselves decide what information is shared and when. 

If data contribution is voluntary, does this mean that the Project Explorer database is incomplete?

We recognize that the data contained in the Project Explorer provides a robust snapshot of development activities at various moments in time. For a variety of reasons, including but not limited to community protection and privacy, evolving activities and contexts, changes in funding, and the vast and diverse number of development actors operating globally, data sharing platforms are almost always somewhat incomplete. The objective of the Project Explorer is to provide comprehensive insight and information to guide decision-making and accountability efforts, with the most robust and useful data available, within these parameters.

Ask us anything!

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April 6, 2020