Global Health Programming & Operations Amid COVID-19

CanWaCH hosted a webinar on March 24, 2020 to provide an opportunity for organizations who are currently delivering global health programming to: 

  • share information with colleagues and Global Affairs Canada; 
  • identify current and anticipated challenges that may impede operations; 
  • strategize collectively about short-term solutions, strategies, and recommendations.

This webinar is the second in a series as our sector implements COVID-19 response measures. Upcoming webinars in this series will focus on other considerations including human resource policies, legal considerations and communications/messaging, among other topics.


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View the webinar by section:

Part 1. Introductions

  1. Welcome – Jessica Ferne, Director, Global Health Impact
  2. Agenda and Overview – Jessica Ferne and Mélody Tondeur, Manager, Metrics

Part 2. Comments from Global Affairs Canada

  1. Geneviève Brown, Acting Director, Global Affairs Canada
  2. Jean Bernard Parenteau, Director General, Global Affairs Canada 

Part 3. Open Discussion

Part 4. Next Steps – Jessica Ferne

Part 5. Concluding Remarks – Jessica Ferne

Download the presentation slides here


March 25, 2020