Mapping, visualizing and analyzing data more effectively: a Canadian innovative, open-access platform for the development sector and links to IATI

In April, IATI hosted its first ever Virtual Community Exchange (VCE) to discuss the current state of transparency and open data in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals and COVID-19. Sessions were led by members of the IATI community, including a CanWaCH led session, and participants were from a diverse group of stakeholders, such as civil society organizations, academia, multilaterals, government and private sector. 

During our session, we explored how CanWaCH’s innovative, open-access platform, the Project Explorer, is being used to showcase Canada’s contributions to global health and gender equality programming, building on IATI’s work. We discussed the innovative ways in which data is collected, visualised and used to demonstrate impact and increase transparency. We also explored challenges around data sharing in the global health sector, and featured examples of how existing data has been used to identify gaps, advocate for continued and expanded investment, build successful partnerships and improve coordination. Finally, we engaged participants in a critical dialogue on how best to measure and report on impact in this context. Watch the recording or view the slides here. 

Key Takeaways

From our discussion with participants we looked at:

  • How data completeness contributes to identifying gaps, assessing progress and telling the story of collective impact in the development sector 
  • Concerns around capturing granular data to give more in depth information on impact of project activities at the project level
  • Ways to capture all organizations involved in the delivery of projects and programming activities to ensure recognition of local leadership and further enhance collaboration between global and local partners
  • The need to incentivize national and local organizations on the ground to contribute data and how demonstrating opportunities for collaboration and shared resources between partners can increase data sharing. 

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June 3, 2021