What you need to know: Upcoming call for proposals

Last month at the Canada Pavilion during Women Deliver 2019, Minister Monsef announced that a $325 million call for proposals will be launched shortly as a part of the Government of Canada’s investment of $1.4 billion over 10 years for women, adolescents and children’s health. This historic investment was based upon the Thrive Agenda, a collective vision by our sector for the future of Canadian global health programming.

While the precise release date for the call is not yet known, here are four things you can do to prepare now: 

Reach out to potential partner organizations 

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The Power of Partnership: Now is the time to identify, reach out and discuss the potential for collaboration with organizations that have mutual or complementary expertise and objectives to yours. Learn more about our members here

Check out the Project Explorer to find out what organizations are doing similar work or working in similar regions 

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We know that Canadian organizations make a huge impact worldwide in the areas of global health and gender equality. Now for the first time ever, using the CanWaCH Project Explorer, we can have a comprehensive view of this impact, capturing projects funded from a variety of sources. 

Prepare a clear analysis on the strengths and impacts of your previous projects

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Take a close look at your successes – and your lessons learned! It will be important that you’re ready to showcase your expertise and track record. How and why were your previous projects, programs and activities successful? What did you learn that you will carry forward in this proposal? Most importantly, be prepared to back it all up with clear, concise data that demonstrates real impact. Need advice? Reach out to CanWaCH’s Metrics and Global Health Impact Team.

Make sure your proposal writers aren’t on vacation! 

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Stay closely tuned to @CanWaCH social media channels for the very latest on this call for proposals, including notice once it is officially launched. You can also subscribe to the CanWaCH newsletter to stay up to date!  

About the Thrive Agenda 

Over the past year, a diverse coalition of Canadian organizations leading in global health have been working together to develop the Thrive Agenda, a comprehensive investment case that will not only ensure that Canada’s long, proud tradition as a leader in women and children’s health continues, but it comes with a purposeful approach that addresses critical gaps in the health needs of women and adolescents. For more information about the Thrive Agenda, please contact Megan Aikens, CanWaCH’s Senior Stakeholder Engagement Advisor. 


July 9, 2019