Building the Excitement: CanWaCH's Lead-up Engagement

Ready for something completely different?

Working with the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution, we are breaking from traditional formats at this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, November 1st in Ottawa. We’ll embark on a journey where attendees can share their perspectives and stories, understand the diversity in our movement and design a path forward in partnership with other members. 

During October, we are also hosting interactive calls for our Members to find out more about what we have planned for November 1. We are sharing our intentions and plans as well as listening to our Members about what they want to experience at the event. You can register for these exciting calls here.

Below, you will find graphics and articles that capture the lively essence of each call. Be sure to stay tuned to this space as it will be updated after each call! 

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Lead-up Call #4– Partnerships

Partnerships graphic

On October 24th, CanWaCH hosted its fourth and final AGM 2017 Lead-Up call. It was quite an exciting call, with our Resonance Centre host interviewing Louise Holt, Director General, Social Development Partnerships, Global Affairs Canada. Ms. Holt spoke about how best to leverage our collective resources in order to accelerate progress and achieve outcomes. The group also discussed how best to be more innovative in the process of collaborating and working in partnership. You can download the engaging graphic that was created during the call here

Lead-up Call #3 – Public Engagement

On October 18th, CanWaCH hosted its third AGM Lead-up call, with special guest Jennifer Foulds, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Amref Health Africa in Canada. During the interview, Jennifer spoke about CanWaCH’s upcoming Public Engagement campaign and the work of the Public Engagement Working Group. She also built excitement for the sessions that will be held on Public Engagement during the AGM. You can listen to an audiocast of the interview with Jennifer Foulds and also the full call. There is also an essencing article available to download.

Lead-up Call #2 – Metrics

Graphic for Lead-Up call #2

On October 11th, CanWaCH hosted a second AGM Lead-up call, with special guest Dr. Diego Bassani,  Epidemiologist, Director of the International Program Evaluation Unit (IPE) at the SickKids Centre for Global Child Health. He is also Co-Chair of CanWaCH’s Metrics Working Group. During his interview, he spoke about CanWaCH’s Metrics work as well as his hopes and expectations for the upcoming AGM. You can listen to an audiocast of the interview with Dr. Bassani and also the full call. You can also download the graphic and essencing article created during the call:

Lead-up Call #1 – Introductory Call

Graphic from Lead-Up Call #1

On October 4th, CanWaCH gave Members an exciting preview of the unique and generative AGM planned for November 1st. The call, hosted by the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution, introduced attendees to an innovative facilitation style. During the call, a graphic and brief article were produced to capture the essence of the lively interaction.


October 27, 2017