Data for Impact: August 2022

Canadian Collaborative for Global Health: Presenting the 2022 Labs 

We are delighted to present the 2022 Canadian Collaborative for Global Health! Announced during CanWaCH Academy in May, three labs were selected to generate solutions to urgent data challenges in sexual and reproductive health, gender and nutrition data gaps, and research dissemination. 

Learn more about the labs:

Project Spotlight: Improving Access to Maternal and Newborn Health in Mwanza, Tanzania (IMPACT)

Executed by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada and implemented by partner agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network, the ‘Improving Access to Maternal and Newborn Health in Mwanza, Tanzania’ (IMPACT) project aims to improve reproductive, maternal and newborn health (RMNH) outcomes through a comprehensive health system strengthening approach. Learn more about the IMPACT Project here

Build Connections and Find Partners with our Project Explorer!

The Project Explorer contains over 1400 projects by 350+ lead organizations and their partners. Looking for new partners? Filter by topic, region, and/or organization to see who is working on topics of interest and who they are partnering with here.

Resources from the Third Virtual Community Exchange 

CanWaCH was pleased to take part in the third edition of the IATI Virtual Community Exchange! Hosted alongside Fields Data, Bike Scouts, and David Marchesseault, Evaluation Manager, Global Affairs Canada, our session ‘Visibility and transparency: a conversation about the importance of data on and from local organizations’ can be watched here and a copy of the presentation can be accessed here.  

Over the course of June 28, 2022, the Virtual Community Exchange featured 31 speakers and 11 community-led sessions, recordings and presentations. A recap of sessions can be accessed here

BONUS: Find tools where you can access data published to IATI here.

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August 25, 2022