Emerging Global Public Health Leaders: Part 1

A key part to building strong health systems is investing in emerging leaders. As we speak, emerging leaders are working hard each day to treat people who are ill, to devise health promotion campaigns, to track the latest epidemiological data, and to run and evaluate mental health programs. This fall, we launched an Emerging Leaders Campaign to celebrate global public health professionals who are creating major strides in areas including advocacy, communications, medicine, program management, research, and more.

Systems Thinking in Public Health

Our future leaders in global health and development have their work cut out for them. Starting with the effort to fathom the perspective of the whole system, the sub-systems in play, the circular nature of our world, and the recurring patterns and interdependencies in the communities we live in.

Event Planning: 5 Lessons for Planning a Virtual Conference

On October 17, 2020, the Canadian Global Health Students and Young Professionals Summit (GHSYPS 2020) brought together inspiring panelists, speakers, workshop leaders and participants to explore the theme of “Ideas to Impact: Global Health In Action.” Participants examined priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of health students for a green recovery, social entrepreneurship, and much more.

The Ins and Outs of Finding Your First Research Position During Undergrad

Everyone has a different reason for getting involved in research: from being curious about a specific topic to wanting to try something new to adding experiences to their post-grad applications.
But a common question asked is “How do I get involved in research?”

Rise Up and Lead: Leadership During Times of Uncertainty

Women have known to be able to stand up firmly and bring powerful change. They have been pioneers for racial equality; have driven the world of knowledge acquisition and its application for societal good. Women have risen up and lead in the past, because they could do it. They are gifted in fine-tuning approaches and plan what to do and how to do it.
I feel the time is calling young women leaders to Rise Up and Lead.

Bringing more attention and resources to global health beyond COVID19

Like any challenge, COVID19 is presenting us with an opportunity. We can use this time to pull greater attention and resources into global public health. And public health practitioners have an exciting and key role to play in bringing that change to life.

Career Development During COVID-19: Now Where Do I Go From Here?

Recent graduates from colleges and universities face challenges in landing a job in their field of study, 25% end up working in low-skilled jobs. This situation has been worsened by the COVID-19 crisis. This article is to invoke action and self leadership to get ready for the intended employment and future growth.