A message of hope from Abdulahalnaser Dhurgham Naser

In 2017, Abdulahalnaser Dhurgham Naser, a 20-year-old dental student from Baghdad, delivered a powerful message about the importance of investing in adolescents living in regions of conflict at our Global Adolescent Health Conference. This month, we received news that he had graduated from dental school. Congratulations, Abdulahalnaser!

Emerging Global Public Health Leaders: Part 4

This past week marked the final week of this campaign. Although we’re sad to see this campaign ending, we’re feeling inspired and refreshed by the insightful motivations and questions that push these leaders to pursue their work. Read below to be inspired by 5 more emerging professionals!

CanWaCH urges Canadian government to commit to vaccinating healthcare workers at home and abroad as quickly as possible

CanWaCH is urging the Canadian government to support initiatives to vaccinate healthcare workers, in Canada and abroad.

Emerging Global Public Health Leaders: Part 3

Welcome to the third instalment of our Emerging Leaders Campaign. A campaign dedicated to celebrating health professionals in all areas of global health. We have reached out to a variety of emerging global health leaders who are either in school, working in policy, hospitals and/or academics to ask for their advice and experiences for those who wish to enter the field. This week we feature 5 outstanding emerging leaders who are inspiring me to work towards my goals. These individuals did not have linear career paths, but they all have worked extremely hard towards promoting health equity and creating human connection.