Building Capacity and Confidence in Gender Transformative Programming: A Virtual Learning Experience

This training program is in response to the need identified by Canadian organizations for support in building their capacity to deliver transformative change for gender equality. It aims to be grounded in feminist principles, be adaptive and accessible, and provide a quality virtual experience that accommodates the needs in the time of COVID-19, but also continues to be relevant and support Canadian organizations for years to come. 

With the support of Global Affairs Canada, this gender equality training was built around the central objective of building the capacity of CanWaCH’s membership to design and execute gender transformative approaches to their work within the sector of women’s and children’s health. 

This training has been developed with the central driving belief that the work of achieving gender equality is everyone’s responsibility, and that opportunities to promote social change can be found throughout our work, and any work. Our philosophy in this training is that each participant will travel their own journey towards gender justice, and our work is to facilitate that journey in a safe space and to build the skills for participants to realize their own individual contribution. Our approach is to promote empowerment and growth through participation, discussion and critical thinking. 

The design of this training package takes a project-cycle approach, examining gender transformative programming at different points of the cycle. The training package is divided into three modules:

  1. Module 1Concepts and Terminology: participants will have increased familiarity with, and confident use of key concepts and terminology related to gender equality.
  1. Module 2—Elements of Gender Transformative Programming: participants will strengthen their understanding of and ability to practically support the design of gender transformative programs and initiatives. 
  1. Module 3—Gender Transformative and Feminist MEAL: Participants will be introduced to key accountability tools for Gender Transformative Programming, and will understand how they can be used in their own work. 

This program is a complete facilitators’ resource package, with the inclusion of: 

  • an introductory guide,
  • a facilitator guide per module,
  • a participant resource package per module, 
  • a PowerPoint Presentation per module, and 
  • a technology guide.  

This package can be cascaded within organizations as needed, with CanWaCH providing a series of ‘train the trainers’ and ongoing support for members as they cascade to their colleagues. Please reach out to Erica Fotheringham if you have any specific questions about this training package or the ‘train the trainer’ sessions. 

Download the “Building Capacity and Confidence in Gender Transformative Programming: A Virtual Learning Experience” package below: 


December 10, 2020